Monday, February 9, 2009


Recently, just added 2 new pair of earrings into my earrings collection.

Apart getting earrings from HOARD, Goldecestacy, I do get earrings from the reowned Angelicious Creations & Mistress of Glam.

Attractive part is, I love the materials they used. Finest materials, hygienic earrings hooks perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Creativity, originality, and innovation are also bits and pieces into making a complete pair of earrings.

For a dummy in handicraft, why bother wasting time doing DIY?

If you think it looks good, pay it!

Likewise, if you think the food looks good, eat it! (taken by food critic, Andrew Zimmern)

Recently, Jaq (Owner of A.C) decided to come fresh with a new series of collection - Punk Rock. If you have been a fan of her blogshop, or just happen to browse through, she is always creating earrings out of lovely & feminine flowers.

So I bought this.

Creative as it is, you can wear this triple pack in 3 different ways.

1st way- Smart Casual outfit

2nd way - Casual outfit

3rd - Ladies Night!

With different methods of wearing it, I don't think I get tired of my earrings!


Next, I have earrings from Mistress Of Glam.

Another pretty lady who has passion in making earrings!

Do you know how hard is it for me to get her earrings? Everytime I wanted something, it was sold out!

So now I know, if you want something good, grab it fast.

Black & White color - One word, Classic.

Even if now you have different kinds of earrings, you can also do a mix & match!

See below:

P/S: Btw, I just reserved one pair of earrings @ A.C. I guess I would need to buy 2 more earrings stand to fill them with!

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