Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Collection


I wanted to look for a bag desperately, but always not able to find a suitable one.

After hesitating, procrastinating for almost 6months, I have decided to add on a new series of collection.

I have always wanted to keep luxury items as one of my hobby or rather long-time collection. However, as a young adult who is currently still studying, I can't afford such a "rich" hobby.

God was kind to me, he gave me a good job (I would say more than satisfactory for a poly student), which this hobby I longed to keep with just started racing on the marathon.

Previous collections from Coach, to Hayden Harnett, and now to Longchamp.

By the way, I've recently bought a new brand (Hayden Harnett), which designs are relatively simple and classic. Prices are reasonable as well.

All thanks to my sister's friend, Doreen who brought all the way from NYC back to S'pore during the CNY vacation.

Eventually, I called up the store @ Paragon to check on the stock status for the first week

Unfortunately, Navy is out of stock! (Because Navy is one of the year's season color.)

However, the sales lady told me that there would be stocks coming in few days later, so I could call her back.

Today, I called her again, and she told me it's left with 2 pieces available only!

Supposedly, they are not able to make a reservation for me because since it's left with 2 pieces only, it has to be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

However, I assured the sales assistant that I would be going down TODAY, perhaps a few hours later.

As promised, took a cab down, grab the bag and go!

Finally got a chance to show artistic talent in photography. Quite pleased with this picture actually. (I know, self-praising is not convincing at all times. And my pink jacket spoils the whole picture.)

Cute enough, the sales lady wrapped it nicely into a gift box for me. I lied to her I'm giving it to someone else.

FYI, the actual color isn't much of what you see in this picture.
It's a little darker than this actually.

This logo is such a perfect match for my passion in this new hobby.
It's the beginning of the race!

P/S: Had a little chat with Yong while shopping @ paragon. I wanted to buy something somehow for someone. So I asked him, in the position as a man (Obviously he is, don't judge my brother!), what he thinks of certain cuttings for shirts at Armani Xchange. Told him I wanted to buy early, and being someone who has such a sharp tongue, he hit me back some questions with recoil. So I spoke louder than usual, and started scolded him. It was so embarrassing because the salesman beside me, was actually laughing at me! Afterall, it wasn't the real giggling, so I don't feel that insulted.

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