Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Hols!

*coughs coughs*

Seems like my blog is starting to stack up layers & layers of dust.

There are many plausible reasons why bloggers are not blogging frequently:

1. Lazy to blog
(Sometimes we do have the right to be one though.)

2. Nothing to blog about
(That would never happen to me)

3. Due to tight schedule between study & work
(Which I might be in such a situation)

and goes on and on and on...

And for me, I really have no idea that I've not been blogging!

Bascially for these holidays, I've been going out late @ night for supper with Nicky, Lip & Bone.

Got to know Andy & Joe, Bone's friend.

Coincidentally, Andy used to work @ Starhub also! @ Haw Par also!

We had some E35J outings, Out with Jiashi & Nicholas, meeting up the good old friends.

Shall be back for more!

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