Monday, October 29, 2007

10 Good Ways To Tweak Your Diet To Prep Your Skin!

A healthy grow that radiates from within takes more than just the right beauty products. In this post, I shall teach you how to tweak your diet to prep your skin for that big prom night!

Everyone knows that drinking water is essential and perhaps almost mandatory to every human being. Even almost everyone know that drinking water can help to detox and flush out toxins in your body. But just how many people drink up to 8 glasses of water per day? Not much.

1. Plain Water
Drinking eight glasses of water daily helps to flush out toxins in your syste to achieve clearer, hydrated skin.

2. Mushroom
Mushrooms contains antioxidants which help release energy from food for skin metabolism, resulting in faster cell renewal and the fading of scars and blemishes

3. Nuts
Vitamin E in nuts helps increasr oxygen intake, and promotes faster healing of skin cells

4. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera contains amino acids, organic acids and fibre, and also helps slow down the formation of melanin (insoluble pigments found in skin, hair etc) in the skin, thereby promoting a more even skin tone.

5. Strawberries
Strawberries are high in fibre and help improve the digestive system. They also help whiten the complexion and improve skin texture.

6. Lean Red Meat
Lean red meat contains iron, which increases the levels of oxygen in the blood, resulting in a more radiant complexion and lighter dark eye circles.

7. Avocado
Chockful of good monounsaturated (Nutrition) fat, avocados help to nourish the skin. They also have anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe irritated skin, and calm a red, blotchy complexion.

8. Salmon
High in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon helps to keep skin supple and youthful

9. Mango
High in Vitamin c, mangoes are great for the maintenance of healthy skin, and helps with faster renewal.

10. Bell Pepper
Rich in both vitamins A and C, bell peppers increase the resilience (Vitality) of skin, and help you achieve a rosy, glowing complexion.

Source: Seventeen Magazine Nov 2007

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