Friday, January 2, 2009

Nicholas's 19th Birthday

Today is Nicholas's birthday, so we've (Js, Yy, Ky, Nicky, Me) decided to celebrate it together.

So we went to Manhattan Fish Market!

Seafood Chowder

Grilled Norwegian King Salmon Fillet

The Salmon really is indeed King-size.

Manhattan Seafood Platter For Two.
(Nicholas, Kai Young & I shared this.)

Manhattan Fish 'N' chips - Pacific Dory
(Jiashi, Yu Yue)

Fried Country Mushroom

(Lazy to critique about the food, so want to know more, go and try! Thumbs up for the country mushroom though!)

So this is what happens...

At 2pm, I called MFM for a reservation to be on the priority waiting list. I have also spoken to them that I have decided to give Nicholas a surprise. So I intended to buy a cake to surprise him after dining at the restaurant.

We were supposed to meet at 6pm. However, I reached PS @ 5.30pm to buy a cake for our birthday boy. Went to buy an ice-cream cake @ Swensens.

To my UTTER shock, Nicholas was earlier than me! He told he was around MFM, so I started to panic and passed the cake over to the manager, Andy.

And all of us acted as if nothing happened.

So we ordered our food, drinks, eat, joke, chat, laugh.

Nicholas & Ky went to the toilet and so I called for Andy.

I'm not sure whether was it luck or what, just as Nicholas & Ky came back, the assistant manager was lighting the candle while walking to me.

Nicholas: *Squinted eyes*

Me: *Half-mocking smile*

And so I requested for more than half of the waiters to gather around to sing a birthday song for Nicholas. Some diners were also sporty enough to join in the fun by clapping, singing, and whistling.

And so this is Nicholas WEE.
6 years of friendship, and still counting.

Take a second shot!

And finally he cuts the cake.

And realises that the cake is...
too hard.

Meanwhile, Js pose for a spastic look.

"Please don't take my picture! "

So this is how we eat. Everyone poke their forks into the cake because it was less time consuming.
After leaving the place, we decided to take a group picture. So smart enough, we set the timer on my camera, and everyone was in position.

And I managed to cropped my FATS away.

P/S: Nicholas is so irritating. I've just celebrated my 18th birthday not long ago, and now, he's 19 already!

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