Thursday, December 25, 2008

SH X'mas Celebration Part 1

This is definitely the best and heart-warming celebration I had!

Pictures were taken from my camera, so therefore there is only Part 1.

And this is ME! Preparing for the X'mas gathering @ SH, and dinner with relatives & friends!

Ee-Kian AKA Randy & I

He is the first ever guy I've talked to during double-banking!
I still remembered how our conversation started. Haha.

Left: TKD, Gilbert, Me

TKD, for all you know, well, 5 years of friendship & still counting.

Gilbert is my schoolmate cum colleague!

Before knowing him, I told him I'd always see him around in school.

Ahh, introduction not needed! He's TKD!

Gil, you are supposed to wear pink, you know?! So he argued and said that there were little strips of pink on his shirt.

Left (Row 1): Ethel, Me

Left: (Row 2): TKD, Li Hui, Gilbert, Jeffrey

HOHOHO! Weekend Team! Love you love you love you!!

Anyway, JP's left us due to some reasons. Confidential.

Eugene could not make it in time.

Oh, xLong is so sweet to buy every girl a rose!

And Fred keeps teasing me for smelling the rose like a dog. Haha!

BTW, I love rose & tulips!

Left: Me, Ethel
Very very sweet girl, and definitely a good partner to bitch with! You know, I'd always talk to her in a bitchy way with those English accent, and she would go laughing and laughing non-stop. Haha!

Left: Fred, Me

Fred is one of my TLs. He may seem fierce and always cool, but when you get to know him better, he's really nice to talk with.

And the way he scolds me or tease me, I felt like he's my elder brother.

Very "Zhi Yang" type.

That kind who would yak and nag at you. Haha

Oh by the way, I owe him 3 big packets of Mentos thanks to GILBERT.

We decided to take it again but turned out to be still blur. Haha.

So he decided to grab my phone and took another photo, but still won't work.

So before that, I was boasting about my HTC diamond. And now, he's smug about it.

Fred: "Oh, so this is HTC diamond?"


Moral of the story: Never brag to someone who works in the telecommunication company about phone products! HAHA!

Left: Me, Fred, Jen

If you are considered my regular reader, you should have known or heard who is Jen. Jen is our "Shi Mu". The one who brought and nuture us up from a small bean into a plant. BTW, she worked @ SH for 8 years 8 months and still counting OK! PIONEER HOR.

So Fred & I were supposed to take this photo again, taken by another TL, Jensen, but Jen joined in the fun! And I totally love this picture alright.

He is Antonio. Our BOSS!

You know, I don't know if I am considered lucky or not. This is how the gift-exchange programme works. We are supposed to pick a photo out of the whole PT team in a pouch. And my BOSS, Antonio, got hold of my picture!

And I got hold of Eugene's. HAHA.

Which means to say, whichever photo you chose, you would have to give him/her a gift. SO, today when he called my name, everyone was likem "WOAH!" And everyone applauded. So embarrassing!

So this is the gift!

I opened it, and it turned out to be a LARGE ESPRIT towel!
Practical and definitely come in handy!

Great for a Sentosa outing!

And so, I'm contented with this Christmas Eve!

Shall upload some of the pictures taken at Park Royal Hotel w/ Aunt Alice & Family.

P/S: Second Part will be from Jeffrey's camera. AND SO MANY PICTURES WERE SO BLUR! WTF?!

P/S:P/S: I miss Zhi Yang so much. Just yesterday, I dreamt of him. And I don't feel good. I feel so sad after that dream. So I think it's time I should meet him up to slack. I cannot leave this precious brother of mine alone. A lot of things happened to him lately. He's too precious to lose.

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