Monday, January 5, 2009

Hoohaas in Year 2008

Year 2008 just passed so quickly!

I'm not afraid to say how I really feel, about the people I feel comfortable with, the people I love, I hated, the people whom I wished never existed in my life because Year 2008 is the past!

1. 29 March 2008 - Best Brother's Birthday. (Zhi Yang). Celebrated @ Breathless. First time drinking Barcadi 151.

2. 7 April 2008 - Attending Republic Poly. Ok, I don't really like the school, but I'm happy to be
closer friends like Yvonne, Lay Koon, Ash, Zhuang Xun & most imptly, Eugene.

3. 10 April 2008 - Dine @ Indulgz Bistro w/ Nicholas, Jiashi & Zeus

4. 11 April 2008 - Drinking session with CKTs @ Breathless.

5. 4 May 2008 - Found out that Shandy is my primary school friend's, Sng Shi Wei's cousin.

6. 17 May 2008 - Had the FIRST run of the year with Lay Koon, Eugene, Ash, Xun, Jasmine & Family. Still cannot forget how Eugene pushed me to my limits. And keeps on dragging my hand along just to make my two feet move faster!

7. 8 June 2008 - Went to eat with E35J-ians @ Ban Leong Seafood Restaurant.

8. 12 June 2008 - Went Vivocity w/ Eugene, Lay Koon, Albert, Qiu Yi, Cheryl, Jiashi, Zeus. Fetched Clifford, went to Changi for Nasi Lemak for supp. Went to T3 to slack, went Pasir Ris Park for driving lessons for Bert & Clifford.

9. 25 June 2008 - Beng's birthday. Did not attend because of network jam! Fuck! I received his sms only the next morning! Too late! But I still handed the present over to him.

10. 9 July 2008 - Attending Xun's birthday. Ate good food @ Ubi, played cake smashing @ the carpark. Clifford, Ash & I hid behind a red car just to avoid it!

11. 15 July 2008 - Went to watch The Strangers with Eugene. Scare the crap out of us!

12. 19 July 2008 - Attending Tina's birthday. Was tipsy and ended up chasing after Clifford, causing myself to hurt my hand.

13. 16 July 2008 - Went to CSC (Chinese Swimming Club, not Customer Service Centre. -.-) with Eugene, Lay Koon & Albert for badmintion session. After that, went to East Coast for Carls' Juniors!

14. 21 July 2008 - Went to Singapore Zoo with Lay Koon, Eugene, Xun, Ash.

15. 22 July 2008 - Went to Eugene's house for tuition with Albert & Cheryl. Cam-whore w/ Cherly & Yvonne in the car.

16. 24 July 2008 - Went bowling with Eugene, Lay Koon, Ash, Xun. First time bowling ok! Don't play play. After that, went to watch Dark Knight.

17. 27 July 2008 - Heard news of Aunt Sorlian committed suicide. Mental breakdown for Aunt Alice and Mom.

18. 5 August 2008 - Went out for lunch with Lay Koon & Eugene. Went for Tom Yam Soup, Ice Cream Chefs, fetch Albert & Jason, went to Comfort Driving Centre.

19. 9 August 2008 - Ash's Birthday - Had fun with the cake smashing and all that. Run around circuit road just to avoid him!

20. 12 August 2008 - 14 August 2008 - E35J 3D2N chalet.

21. 18 August 2008 - Attending Lay Koon's birthday celebration. I must say I enjoyed myself, once again getting to know her family and her better

22. 25 August 2008 - An outing on my actual birthdate w/ Albert, Lay Koon, Qiu Yi, TKD & Jason. Was a little sad that Eugene cannot be able to watch the movie with us.

23. 27-29 August 2008 -My 3D2N birthday chalet. My brothers were there to celebrate it with me. We played lots of lame but rather entertaining games, so heart-warming. Second day, was my secondary school friends, like TKD, Calvin Sim, Yee Teng, CKTs, I prepared many foods like seafood, poultry, kebabs for them.

24. 3 September 2008 - Attended Nike Human Race as a volunteer. Had lots of fun, especially when I could get to see Joanne Peh & Rosalyn Lee!

25. 13 September 2008 - Steamboat @ Shandy's house! Another gathering with E35J.

26. 26 September 2008 - Went for dinner with good friend, Jiashi, @ Bodega Y Tapas Restaurant.

27. 18 October 2008 - Steamboat @ my house! With Jing Hao, Clifford, Wen Sheng, TKD, Calvin Sim, Shervonne. Later on Xun & Ash came over.

28. 24 December 2008 - Starhub X'mas celebration. GREAT PEOPLE to know! I'm soooooooo happy with the celebration.

29. 25 December 2008 - Jing Hao's belated birthday celebration. TKD, Hao, Wen Sheng, Albert & I went KTV singing in the night. Had lots of fun with them as well.

Year 2008 has been a fruitful year for me. Many fun things have happened, as well as bad things. But what we can only do is to learn from the bad things and avoid it as far as possible!

To people whom I adored: Thanks for being so tolerant with my crappy attitude.

To people whom I hated: Thanks for being part of my life, who motivated me to be better than you.

To people whom I am not in good terms with currently: Thanks for leaving such good memories with me, making me reminising whenever and whichever place we used to hang out, dine at, things we did together. I have never hated you guys, and even if we can't be friends, hope that our lives will be better each day by day! There isn't any use being angry with each other and hating each other for lives right?

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