Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year Resolution

I know this is a little bit late, but everything's not always too late isn't it?

I've realised that in Year 2008, I've not really made any resolutions. There goes to why Year 2008 seemed a little cranky.

On my previous post, I've talked about what I've done for year 2008. Since its 2009 this year, I shall make REALISTIC resolutions.

Typical resolutions would be like losing weight, slimming down, learn driving etc. However, I'm going to do my resolutions in a more unique and different way YET realistic.

Instead of boring my readers by telling you guys that one of my resolution is losing weight, I will make something realistic.

1. Cut down of fried food, soft drinks & fastfood.

(Isn't this more realistic? By cutting down on such high calorie foods, you'll naturally slim down! Duhz)

Instead of procrastinating of all the time, promising my father I would learn driving, I will do something to sound better.

2. After my 9-month contract with Starhub, I will take driving.
(Because with work & school, I'm simply so busy. How am I suppose to take another committment when I have 2 big ones already?)

Many friends kept telling to take driving asap, I seriously don't see the need to. Is driving the IN thing now that everyone around me feels that getting to drive earlier than me seemed sophiscated or cool? That's totally insane & crappy. No doubt that car can make things more convenient at times, but presently, I would think I feel comfortable taking a cab instead.

3. Go to Bintan

(Probably with my sister)

4. Get a DSLR camera

(Nikon D60/D90?)

5. Save $1.5k by June.
(Intending to go Bintan with my sister)

6. Aim to become a Perm Part-Time staff of SH.

(Though work is stressful, but I will stay on because of the money, & the people!)

Presently, I could not think of much to do for this year. Perhaps resolutions have been made every year, but not all of them have been completed, thus making me feel that it's useless making a new resolution every year. Haha.

P/S: Great great news. I've finally hit my stats! I am so happy because initially I thought I could not make it! 13calls/hr. AND NOW I DID IT! And I can even work OT! My TL, Irene was so proud of Tkd & I. Just so happy that I did it.

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saunan said...

nice blog, and $$$mile 4 u, and dropping my chitika yach, thanks