Monday, January 19, 2009


Oh my god oh my god, Sammi! (Indian word for GOD)

Found so much dust and web corps on my blog!

Anyway, this week have been a fulfilling and hectic one for me.

I've been working from Wednesday all the way to Sunday. (OT)

Eugene has left us this week and I don't know why I was really sad.

Initially, it was a regret that JP left us. However, I've never felt more sad when JP left us than Eugene.

Perhaps, Eugene has a stronger bond with me. I got to know him through TKD, as well as Starhub.

I remembered the first day of training, I initiated the talk by asking him, "Hey you're TKD's friend right?" (Because I saw him @ BGC also)

And we started talking. Then, we work, laugh, eat, scold, joke together.

We went for mahjong session. I met Sparky & Blue.

I met his family, his sisters, his grandfather etc.

And now, he's left us because of his committment in school.

We even went for a briefing to persuade him to stay.

But we tried out all best, mouth all dry, still could not make him shake.

Ytd, he sent us a goodbye e-mail, so much like what Issac did as well.

Really felt like crying, but I told myself we can still hang out!

Knowing that we are closer, he transferred most of his cases over to me for monitoring. And I know this time, I must and have to help him. (Luckily it was the easier ones. Not needed for callback.)

Last Saturday, Jen, Eugene, Gilbert, Jeffrey & I went to have Steamboat @ Novena. Had lots of fun. That was the celebration for his leaving. It was a shame the rest could not make it. (I can understand because they are on different work shift.)

And this Saturday, we're going to his house for his birthday celebration! I shall be in charge of buying the cake! Can play mahjong (Gonna share profits/loss with him again), can get to see Blue & Sparky. So happy.

Don't you think everything was just fate? His dog was Sparky, he work at SH. He's TKD's friend, and I'm TKD's friend. And we all 3 got to know each other.

Hais, so much to say, yet it will be never ending.

I'm definitely gonna organise an outing for SH. Then Eugene has no excuse to turn it down! Haha.

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Gallivanter said...

More like Ayoyo Samy! LOL!