Friday, January 23, 2009

Teppanyakki @ Home

This year's reunion dinner was a very very fulfilling one.

We decided not to go with the traditional way of doing a steamboat.

Instead, we had teppanyakki at home!

Other than teppanyakki, we had fish maw soup!

These are the preparations for the fish maw soup!

First, we had sea cucumber! I love sea cucumber.

Second, we had dried scallops!

Third, we had fresh scallops!

Nevertheless, we had fish maw, slices of thick abalone, fresh real crab meat etc.

And this is the end product!

Topped with fresh corriander leaves and spring onion.

Next, we had ingredients prepared for the teppanyakki.

Sweet Corn

Thin slices of pork

This is the end product.
We marinated the pork with korean paste and spices.

Fresh mushrooms! Great for grilling, topped with cheedar & morzerella cheese!

German sausages

Fresh squids

Our home's favourite! - Shisamo!

Not to forget something important, vegetables! To get rid of the greasy taste of the food.

Fresh big tiger prawns.

This is not normal bacon streaks you see in Cold Storage. This Korean Pork Belly! We bought it @ a Korean mart at Parkway.
Taste great marinated with wine!

Last but not least - sambal chilli!

Actually, there is one more sauce we added to dip with the Korean pork belly. It's actually a sauce made from salted beans, grinded into a sticky paste. It was really a perfect combination! We kept on eating non-stop.

Before eating, we needed to put it on our table. Be patient!

Tadah! We start our reunion dinner!

Not to forget, good wine!

Last but not least, Japanese desserts!

We bought this @ Parkway! It was really nice.

This is Dad w/ my granny.

Lastly, we ended the night with LOADS of cleaning at home.

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