Sunday, December 21, 2008

This is my work table. I must say quite a nice environment to work in. Air-conditioned, entilted to one workplace, I get to sit near all the TLs, Fred infront of me, Jen diagonally infront of me, Irene beside me, Jonny diagonally behind me, Jenson & Adam's workplace just 8 steps away from my work table, to be VERY VERY specific.

This is TKD, sitting beside me.

Ok, I know these looks real messy on my worktable. I'm not vain, just that I brought the moisturiser along because my skin is peeling off due to sunburn! And the wrist rest belongs to my caregroup TL, Irene! She's not working today, but I took it to play. Haha.

Oh ya, and Fred called me a "Red Buttock" because I simply look like this.

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