Saturday, October 4, 2008


Today, I did Henna.

Li Hao, Ross & I were supposed to meet each other at Chinatown.

We went briefing for the upcoming Great Eastern Marathon 2008.

When I reached the venue, they told me that I wasn't needed to come for the briefing because Zhong Qi would personally give me a call to tell me about my job scope.

FYI, I'm under the Event Support Crew - Volunteer Management.

1. Provide operations support for the Volunteers' Welfare Programme on event day.

2. Possible duties include crowd control, distribution and collection of volunteer feedback forms, volunteer payment, endorsement of Community Involvement Programme (CIP) hours for student volunteers, and other general administrative duties.

3. Distribution of refreshments to all volunteers before start of event.

4. Management of VIP hospitality and VIP ushers.

And god damm, I've got to be at the Padang at 4am in the morning.

Ross, Li Hao intended to stay overnight at my house because these 2 punks stayed at Yishun & Bukit Timah respectively. Holy crap! Haha.

After briefing, we went to a dessert shops which sells delicious mango pudding.

Had desserts and they tasted really nice! I think I will go there often.

P/S: Readers! Sorry for not updating often. I'm busy with school and work! Shall update more soon!

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