Friday, October 10, 2008

Starhub Training

First week of training at Starhub is over! And we had 5 books of information to learn.

We had 16 people initially.

Yet now, we had only 8 people - Ethel, Li Hui, Eunice (That's me), Gilbert, Jian Ping, Dawne, Jeffrey, Eugene.

FYI, Dawne is not a girl, but a guy! He's 26years old this year, who is the oldest in the group! Don't look down on him just because he's not currently studying.

Let me tell you more about his background.

He's a NUS grad, who works in DBS bank as a Manager for 2 years. Currently, he wishes to finish his training and work at Starhub officially. He intends to further his studies at New York. He's a great guy with full of knowledge in the banking industry.

We had a talk over the economic crisis which the world is facing. And he really go on talking and talking!

As for Eugene, it's such a coincidence that we get to meet. He is TKD's classmate! Ubber friendly.

Actually, I met him before at BGC Group with TKD, so that's why I can recognise him.

Stress Level: 4.9/5

Very stressful. Those who are keen on this job (My friends intended to work at S.H), be prepared to take up 100% of stress.

Night training is 7pm to 11pm.

So I would always tke a cab home. However, there's taxi claim of $10! *Thank God*

But you'll be very very tired because training takes a FULL MONTH from Monday to Friday.

This is how the conference room looks like. We had training in this room.

This is JP's hand!

Normally, our supervisor/trainer/team leader, Jen Hong, would change our seats everyday. (She's a total great leader. I like her a lot!)

Yet, for 2 consecutive days, we sat together!

We all felt tired so Jen played a game with us. And JP lost! So Jen & Dawne had a change to draw on his hand. HAHAHA. So fun!

So after class, we had a roleplay. In our class, we made some ground rules.

1. Punctuality
2. Put Phone on silent/vibration mode
3. Do not sleep.

And so on.
I violated the 2nd rule, because TKD was smsing me! Dang.

The rest of the group violated the 1st rule except Gilbert because they are late from breaks.

So we had no choice, but to do a roleplay for Jen.

Eugene & Dawne were the dancers.

Li Hui, Ethel & I were the singers.

JP & Jeffrey were the sheeps.

Gilbert & Jen were the audience! (Gilbert wasn't excused, that's why he can be the audience!)

We played a song, "Baa Baa Black Sheep".

As we sing, the actors, dancers have to do the necessary actions.


P/S: The days were tiring yet fun. I'm not sure how long can I still stay at Starhub (Because if you fail the tests, you have to go!), but I'm confident to say that I enjoy it a lot! When you're so busy, you don't think of negative stuffs, you don't feel so emotional etc. So, I like this kind of life!

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