Thursday, October 2, 2008

First ever post about my new class, W26H.

Pictures taken at school's Cafe Galilee.

We did a skit and presentation for Enterprise.

We learn Economics. I think I like it.

Took spastic pictures with Crazy Stella.

Took group picture with my team mates - Fiqa, Wei Jie (Jasmine's ex-classmate), Nate (Nicholas WEEEEEE's ex-classmate), Stella, and me!

Nate's really a joker. I was so happy that he happened to be in my team because he really can joke. And VERY crappy.

See how cute the chairs are?! Stella & I kept rocking about in this chair because it really looked so fun. Haha.

P/S: I still don't have the feeling how E35J gave me. Hais. I still like E35J a lot a lot.

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