Friday, September 12, 2008

Today, I went to look for TKD.

Slacked and nua-ed for a long long time. Really envy people staying at Kallang Airport.

Because we kept eating! Haha.

Don't know why we can talk so much.

Details shadn't eleborate about it because we really talked a lot.

Perhaps I shall talk about one of the stuffs we talked about.

Recently, on the day of my chalet, I told them that our family have always consulted a fortune teller at Fu Lu Shou Complex.

And the fortune teller is extremely accurate (I know this is subjective, but it's true for my case), and we know her really well.

So I told TKD about our family, our problems etc.

And he seemed to be very interested in visiting the fortune teller we always consulted.

So, I went to sms him all the details.

And I thought he was merely saying he wanted to visit her. But yesterday, he actually called Reka up for an appointment! So he booked a timing with Reka.

Wanted to really help him because he feels that his life is not as smooth as ever, be it his studies, family etc.


Upcoming happenings to me:

1. It's time I learnt to be independent.

Like what Jing Hao has told me, "In order to succeed, sometimes you need to be up there alone." I'm really very proud and touched to hear such words from Jing Hao. Because this shows he's really attentive in class (His faci told him this) and he's really becoming more and more matured, like an adult.

The day before yesterday, I went to look for him after school. He was having his IG meeting, whereby he needs to set up booths for his IG. I was standing a distance away from him, waiting for him as well. Looking at Jing Hao from a distance, I see another side of him. He tells me a lot of things which I would have never thought of. There are many things we could have sacrifice just to do something which you think is more meaningful and important you. To Jing Hao, I can see that active participation both in class and his IG is his main concern, right now.

And after that, we sat below 801 and chatted for 3 whole hours. He told me a lot of things which he learnt while he was learning to be independent. Eating alone, go to school alone etc etc.

I was really proud and happy that he got 3.7/4 for his GPA. This happiness wasn't a pretentious one. It was really happiness from within my heart, and I really really feel so motivated to do well as well.

If he can do it, I asked myself, why can't I do it? So right now, I want to learn to be independent.

2. Spend more time with my family members.

In the past, my mother would scold me because I have always put my friends on the top priority instead of family. I was really angry and pissed off with her for putting down my friends, and I don't understand why, during that time, she was so angry with me for spending soo much time with my friends.

But now, I know. After so many happenings recently (Which I don't wish to mention because I think it's totally worthless to talk about it.), I realised that whenever I needed help and support, my family members will always be there.

Take an example where I was once anorexic for almost 6 months. My hair was falling more and more day by day. And yet, my mother was willing to spend so much money on my hair treatment, telling me not to be sad and depressed over my hair loss and everything.

This is one support which I could never get from my friends.

3. Take up a part-time job.

I want to spend my free time doing something more meaningful than just to go shopping, making up (You know, all the bimbotic ways), or staying all day at home.

TKD introduced me to a job which I think I am confident of doing well in this aspect. I shall not talk about it unless I am 100% accepted into the company. And the pay is freaking good. And the people, I think they will be good too!

But if I were to take up the job, I might have to sacrifice a lot of time spent on events stuffs. I have also decided to join Events IG for the second year because I think I'm really interested in it! But if I were to change course, nah, probably not.

5. Mooncake Festival is just around the corner! It's only once a year that I get the opportunity to eat Mooncakes! I mean, who else eats mooncake all year round? For a mooncake fanatic, maybe. For me, no.

6. Gathering with my lovely E35J-ians!

I seriously miss E35J a lot, as compared to my current class. TOTAL BOREDOM. I remember at E35J, whenever we on music over the speaker, we would dance to the music. Even if we don't really know how to dance, we would all shake our body here and there, sing along to the music, play with each other etc. Those times..unexplainable.

7. Family renunion at home, Steamboat again!

Mom wanted to have a family gathering at home to celebrate Mooncake Festival and she thought that we might have a steamboat to show unity, happiness and joy in our family. I think it's a good idea.

P/S: I received the e-mail from TKD. And I think some phrases he sent to me are useful. One of them is, "Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer." Yes, that's it. I seriously don't think explaining more could help. So, let it be! You can go around telling and influencing people, but at last, everything goes back to you. I know only this - 谣言止于智者。So, *puts finger on lips.*

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