Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My First Completed Painting In My Whole Life

If you know me well, you should have known that I have no talent in art at all. Not even 1% of it.

During my secondary school days, art lessons are the ones I dread so much because I think that art is just a waste of time.

(Luckily I don't take art as one of my subject. I still love A-maths a lot more.)

Last week, my brother came telling us. We were in the car

Shaun: "I have an art work that needs to be handed over to my teacher on Monday."

Mom: "What art work? Have you done it?"

Shaun: (Stammering) "I.. I have not done. Because my friends just called me to tell me that I need to hand in by Monday." (He's making an excuse, Haha.)

Me: "Ok, I try to help you."

And so I took this mission, which took me 1 ½ day to complete it.

Well, we went to POPULAR, parway parade to get all the art materials done. Brushes, paint, crayons, etc.

As for myself, I bought 5 CDS & a cute little mouse for my laptop as my previous one was faulty.

Theme: School Compound
Rules: Water painting & crayons must be used.

This is the end product. Not bad, isn't it?


This is the one I liked most. I painted it. Haha!

This tells me one thing. If you put your effort, heart & soul into something you do, you'll definitely do it well.

P/S: I feel left out. Totally.

P/S:P/S: I give up hope orledi. Haha.

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loveberries85 said...

The picture is AMAZING. Obviously, I can see that it is not Shaun's work. You should make it look uglier so that it looks more real.