Saturday, September 13, 2008

Look what I've got again!

This isn't an advertorial.

I swore Pamela was really efficient because I received this item one day after order! I don't know why it came really fast!
So I opened the package, took out the plastic....

There's a layer of plastic to prevent any fragile pieces from breaking.
Isn't she meticulous?

I took it out. There's a cute little purple bag and guess what's inside?!

TADAH! It's a Humming Bird Cellphone Strap! However, I was thinking of "decorating" my PSP instead of my phone because I have thought of changing my phone soon!

I love it to bits. I would prefer it she would use butterfly charms. ((:

P/S: I have not been shopping for almost close to 6 months? But I realised that I'm still so broke. Spent too much on food recently. Haha.

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