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Nike Human Race Event, 31 August 2008

Here comes the post!

I took a cab down to Padang, to be exact, Connaught Drive. All Area OICs (Officer-In-Charge) are supposed to be there by 12.30pm. As for general volunteers, like me, we have to be there at 1.30pm.

Naq was being deployed to the Baggage area.

When I reached there, I was told to look for my Area OIC, who is Melissa Lim.

(Oh ya, there were quite a plenty of handsome volunteers. Basically because they are from SHL, and they have priority to work as a volunteer before us.)

She gave me my shirt, my tag, and my wristband.

And I have to wore all these things in order to move in and out of the whole area of Padang. (In other words, gain access to everything.)

My Tag, My Bag.

Oh and it rhymes!

This is my tag, with my volunteer tee. I like it a lot!

I was told to pair up with a girl, named Yok Ling (I'm not sure of the spelling). She's quite friendly. So I started a conversation with her. And I found her that she's a Year 3 student, from SHL (School of Health & Leisure). She was once in the RP basketball team. However, she quitted after a year. I asked her why. She told me that it was too competitive. Oh well.

She's a very nice girl, very nice to talk with, as compared to the rest. She's also a very sporty girl, who would always dance to the music. Haha.

As I was in charge of the FRUITS & CEREALS section (Do not laugh, this plays an important role ok!), all of us have to open up the big cartons of cereals, and healthy snack bars.

And this is it! We have to unpack it, take out the little little snack bars out.

I swore this is really nice! Actually, we are not supposed to eat it because it was all for the runners. After coming back from the 10K run, they would be given one each.

However, we found out there were plenty of snackbars left, so I took one home and ate it!

Really really nice.. I want to buy!

This is the Fruits & Cereals. I've never had the chance to eat it because these were first distributed to the runners.

After taking out all the little packets, we had to crush the big boxes and dump them into a big plastic bag.

Hard work.. Hard work... *smiles*

After we have done our work, Yok Ling & I wanted to help the drinks section with their job. That was to open the cans with a spoon. This would make the runners have an easier and faster time to drink.

Actually, our motive was to take a little can out of the whole carton for ourselves. Haha. So I was helping, and I asked one of the 100plus worker, "Can I, like take one?"

And she said, "Oh yes definitely!"


(Some of the guys from the drinks section are not bad-looking too! Haha.)

So this is the food they provided us! Quite nice, I must say!

I love the grilled chicken! Haha.

Yok Ling wanted to see the start of the run. So we both agreed on it and we went to take a look. I took a video and it was really really very nice.

This view was SPECTACULAR. I was really very touched and overwhelmed!

I was very pleased with this picture. FINALLY, there isn't any cars driving around. You know, they're a nuisance because they kind of like blocked the people, or the object I am taking photo of.

The media were also there to film the whole starting race process.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 AND GO!

Everyone roared! And the first color wristband ran!


So right now, the runners are back! I tell you, the first runner was really like a thunder bolt! He's back in like, almost a sheer 20mins? maybe lesser or more?!

I was still having my lunch, for goodness sake!

No no, do not misunderstand. He's not the first runner. I was taking photos just randomly.

Cute Geeks attended the run.

The foreigners also attended the run.

"Mom, I have completed the run! Are you proud of me?!"

"I need some snacks! Help me! I'm hungry!"

"God damm. Finally it's over. "

"Thanks for giving me a snack bar, kid!"

"Hey, I need a drink too, pal!"

"Hey, even though I'm from the media crew, but I still need a drink right?! I also feel thirsty lehh!"

"Hey hey, please proceed to the drinks section on the left!"

He looks so much like Bread. Haha.

"Hey Hey! Be patient, you'll be given drinks, definitely!"

"Hey, I'm the man. I need SNACKS."

"Hek Hek! Thanks for the snacks!"

"Oh, 10km is nothing, dude!"

Just Do It!

"Hey what's that? A snack bar?"

"Haiyo! I don't want snacks! I want my 100plus!"

"Hey I look really pissed off. You better get me my snacks!"

"OI! I am police horrr. Don't play play and fool around ok!"

These gates are for the runners who come back from the run. They would need to be de-chipped and time would be recorded.

Look at those tall buildings. Aren't they scrumptious and grand?

Ok, this is the drinks, fruits & cereals section.

Ok, so now let me show you some of the little tents around Padang. This is the Food Stall, obviously.

Nike & Partners' Booth

This is the Concert. Where hunks & babes like Rosalyn Lee & Utt, Boys Like Girls etc performed here.

If you ever need help for your injuries, you can visit the First Aid booth. However, they do not provide life support system. ((:

Any Questions? The Info Booth shall acceed to all your requests and enquiries.

Last but not least, that's me!

Nike, Just Do It!

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