Thursday, August 28, 2008

18th Birthday (Part 2)

*Note: I can't wait to write up a post on my feelings for Nike Human Race! I'm so proud to be PART of it. Seriously, I've never been so excited for a long time! 98.7FM DJ Rosalyn was here! I am soooooo tempted to go backstage to take a picture with her .

About my 18th birthday, I realised something. I would probably not be organising chalet for the next few years. The processes which includes buying of food, booking of chalet, inviting people etc makes me sick. I seriously find it very sick.

Next year shall most probably be something healthier like steamboat.

Well, didn't take pictures for the second night. Seems like no one is keen on taking pictures. I have also forgotten about it.

From Jasmine, Ying Ying, Yee Teng & Jing Hao

This wallet makes me remind of Hazwan! He's an ex-worker at ANIMAL.

Yes, it's time I change my wallet. I've been wanting to buy myself a Ripcurl one, but... I'm very poor right now.

I don't want to use my COACH wallet anymore because I'm afraid I might stain it or misplace it.

From Jiashi

It's like a musical set box. All you have to do is just to twist the handle and you can hear the melody. Kinda retro huh? Haha.

From CKTs

Very retro loh! I like it a lot. Actually I expected that they would give me something very retro or vintage type.

From Yu Yue

From TKD, Shervonne, Calvin, Wen Sheng

I almost fell to the ground when I opened this present. LOL! So long never play card games already.

From Daphie

Finally something more sentimental. So I decided to frame it to prevent dust, tear and wear.

I like people giving me cards. Because I do keep all the birthday cards. I feel that making a birthday card seems more sincere than a material stuff.

And I like the flower! REALLY! Nowadays, who buys flower with a card attached to it and give it to someone on her/his birthday?! VERY RARE already!

From Daphie, Jason, Albert(o), Eugene Chong

From Eugene
This was his gift for me when he was in Thailand.
(Without flash)

(With flash)
See how it blings. *Smile gleefully*

When I saw this handwriting, I was thinking it must be Ash who wrote it! So I presumed the present to be very cranky and fun.

From Ash, Xun, Clifford, Zhi Qiang, Cher

But it was totally unexpected! I was like, shouting "OH MY GOD" to myself. How come he knew I wanted it so badly? He must have seen me holding that black cover for a long time. And perhaps he feels sick looking at me holding that.

I'm very touched, seriously. Given the situation I'm in right now (I'm in poverty. Nearly bankrupt), I even think twice whether to buy such stuffs. It's definitely a NEED to me, not a WANT.

Imagine me having to think twice about buying the things I need, you should know I'm really really very short of cash.

Though it's white in color and it stains easily, I think I will clean it once every week.

And it goes well with my greenie earpiece!

(I want to cry already...)

From Yvonne, Qiu Yi

Another card. I like it a lot. Thanks for making an effort to make this card. I appreciate it deep deeeeeep. (:

From Tina, Kerry, Sock Hiang & Q.Y

Next time can make fake one anot?!?!?!?! I can't bear to eat it LAHH! Eating it gives me a feeling that I will forget you guys easily. )):

(But seriously, the brownie tasted really nice. I ate half the bottle already. Haha.)

I suddenly have this feeling to say this out. Because this is my blog, and I want to keep every memory which I think it's so worth remembering for. I'm afraid if one day I lose all my memories, or I met with an accident, I forget everything in the past, I can take my blog out and read.

During the night, I had a long long long chat with TKD.

Before saying that, I want to thank him for making a trip to Katong just to help me take the food from City Satay.

When I needed help, all of them was either not contactable, or either not replying my sms.
I looked for TKD, I knew he would help me. And tadah, he really did helped me. City Satay reached earlier than expected. And he called City Satay to go back to Katong. And he would collect the food from Katong.

I'm so touched! *Eyes watery* Haha.

(Back to topic)

I suddenly feel at ease when talking to him.

Perhaps it was due to the atmosphere. (The night was cold and breezy.)

Despite the fact that we had conflicts with each other last time, I feel that that conflict didn't existed at all.

Maybe both of us have already moved on, further and further.

We talk about a lot of stuffs. Friendship, ways of handling a friendship and etc etc.

Suddenly, I'm not shy to tell him that I knew how bad my attitude was in the past.

I'm not shy to tell him that if it wasn't him who tell me what kind of a person I was back then, I wouldn't be what I am right now.

When talking to him, I suddenly feel I can float up into the air. Ego, pride, bad attitudes seemed to be far far away from me.

I really feel that I can bravely tell everything what I really feel, and not to keep a little of things here and there from him.

Ever since I told myself to change for the better, I feel that I'm a more broad-minded person.

We were talking about something, which he wasn't really happy about.

And I was telling him something as well.

I always tell myself everyone have different kinds of attitudes. And I do accept this fact. But as a friend, what I only ask from you was to accept my attitude as well. Knowing that I am having my mood swings or not feeling too happy, the least a friend could do was to either keep quiet, or show concern by asking what happen. And not to give a black face or pour wet blanket, Which makes the whole situation more tensed and sickening.

Sometimes I keep quiet doesn't mean I agree with what you do or say, it's just that I know that everyone have different views. So no matter how much you tried saying to a person (especially a person with very strong views), it's doesn't get into his/her head.

Isn't what all I say sounds quite true?


In all, I just wanted to say something.

Thank you for all the things you have done.

Thank you for all the advises you gave to me.

Thank you for all the knowledge you passed to me. (When you taught me mathematics)

Thank you, TKD.

P/S: Just came back from Nike Human Race Event. Very Very Very tired. But very happy and proud of myself. Very happy to see a lot of nice hunkies & ang mohs perspiring and come to me for fruits and cereal. Ahh... HAHA! Made friends with Yok Ling (I'm not sure if this is spelled correctly). She's a nice girl from SHL, Year 3. And PRIMARY SCHOOL FRIEND with NAQ! OMFG. (NAQ's my classmate.) WTF?! The world is fucking small!

P/S:P/S: I shall post about the Nike Human Race event perhaps, tomorrow? Maybe the day after tomorrow?

P/S:P/S:P/S: Yang, Kai, Bread, sorry to disappoint you guys. (They called me out for mahjong at 10.39pm. -.-")I'm really very very very extremely ubberly rubbishly tired and exhausted after a full day shift at Padang. Maybe we play mahjong next week? Haha. You guys know why I'm so exhausted? I'm crowded with PLENTY of hunkies that I can't breathe properly because it's so stuffy! Haha! SO EXCITED, STILL.! OH NO~! *HaHaHa! Evil laughs*

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