Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mooncake Festival

Today is Mooncake Festival.

Knowing that my family are always so oriental and traditional, my uncle would give us mooncake as gifts yearly.

This year, Uncle Pit Hua bought us one of the best mooncakes I've ever eaten.

I really like the packaging a lot!

Ok, so now you know. They're from Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Even the bag looks so nice.

Uncle Pit Hua bought me 2 冰皮 mooncake.
And it's DOUBL YOLK. *Oh my gawd!*

And its in green tea flavour! Really really very nice and soft.

Look at the texture of it. Yums.

Next, would be the mooncake Mom bought for us.

From Hotel Intercontinential, Singapore.


The box looks really nice too!

Once again, it's DOUBLE YOLK. Anyway, I like mooncakes with egg yolks.
For my brother, he prefers it plain.


In the evening, My family & I had steamboat at home.

Soup Base: Seafood Soup
Ingredients Theme: Seafood

Big Tiger Prawns

This is the one I told Mom that it is a MUST to buy.

I seriously can't live without vegetables.


There's Squid, Crabsticks & strips of chicken breasts

With my favourite fish, Promfret & Seabass

*The seabass was a gift from Mom's client. Because her client always go fishing every weekend. And we always get fish for free*


Homemade Chilli w/ Ginger paste!
Let me tell you, this 2 ingredients are the best combination!

Last but not least, Homemade Chicken Rice

Homecook are always the best! I enjoy the steamboat a lot!

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