Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Recently, we bought new furniture.

We bought a new coffee table from V.HIVE and a Sofa from SeaHorse.

Made from Italy Genuine Leather

And I have recently started reading this book called, "Personality Plus". This book was recommended to me by my previous Faci, Faci Martin Thong. It talks about different 4 temperaments. How to understand others by understanding yourself.

So I took some effort to go BORDERS to find this book. And I'm the lucky one to take the last piece of book away!

Basically, there are 4 types of temperaments.

1. Popular Sanguine
2. Powerful Choleric
3. Perfect Melancholy
4. Peaceful Phlegmatic

In this book, it will allow you to go through a test to see your personality, strengths and weaknesses.

I belong to Powerful Choleric & Perfect Melancholy.

Powerful Choleric - 12points
Perfect Melancholy - 16points
Popular Sanguine - 11points
Peaceful Phlegmatic - 1point (*Pathetic*)

Choose 2 temperaments which have the most points.

There are no right or wrong in having any of these 4 temperaments. In each temperaments, there are strengths and weaknesses in each of them. In this book, it will also teach you on how to improve yourself.

And I swear, this book is really good and quite accurate for me!

Remember I mentioned about a healthy snackbar during the NIKE Human Race 10k event?

I bought it from NTUC!

It's really very nice! Very different from other snackbars where you eat just one bite, you feel like puking!


I had a very lazy Sunday. Sitting down on the sofa like a couch potato, reading my book, eating my energy giving snackbar. What a pleasant day!

So what does my brother do on Sunday?

*Grozzy Eyes*
Studying very hard for his upcoming PSLE.

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loveberries85 said...

OMG, our house is so pretty with the new sofa now!!! :-( I miss home really bad. And the light in our bedroom is so cool. How much did Mummy pay? Shaun looks like he slim down alot. Urgh, should I just come back home?