Saturday, September 13, 2008

E35J Moments

Hi all.

Welcome to the E35J Moments.

Today, we had steamboat at Shandy's house.

Too bad GIANT isn't there.

But we were glad that Ross came!

We had lots of fun.

We played DOTA for HOURS. Shandy's 2 brothers joined in the fun as well.

Li Hao & I played Pyramid Escape. It's was really exciting.

And we played Mahjong.

Shandy's father was a pro.

And we decided to take a group picture.

We chose a nice spot.

Which was just infront of the Buddha Statue.

Look at the first picture. I noticed that all the boys behind were standing so formal.

As for the girls, you know it.

Everyone's smiling so happily.

Too bad Derrick (Mama Alicia's boyfriend) wasn't in the picture.

He's a freaking pro in DOTA.

From Left (First Row): Shandy, Norin, Clovey, Eunice, Alicia Mama

From Left (Second Row): Superman A.K.A Japer, Li Hao A.K.A President, Ross, Ming Yuan A.K.A M.Y, Bing Zhong

To Ming Yuan & Li Hao: See our formation in this picture! Why is this so?!

Li Hao, Ming Yuan & Mama

We all had a great night. And I really wish we could have this more often!

P/S: Ming Yuan & Li Hao, I'm glad to have you 2 in my life. Like what I told you what happened to me, I will learn to cherish E35J even more. Thanks for all your laughter you brought to me. "In-The-End IG" will never end!

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