Sunday, August 3, 2008

Scariest Nightmare Ever.

Anyway, I had a nightmare last night.

This is the story that goes...

Eugene, Daphnne & I were on the car. Eugene was the driver. Daphnne was in the front seat. And I was all alone at the back seat.

I couldn't really remember why we were in the car, what we did before that.

However, I know when we were in the car, it was late at night.

Eugene was driving along this narrow road around the private property estates. However, the car was driving very slowly.

While we were driving, I looked towards my left side. It was a big basketball court.

To my horrow, I saw a big basketball bouncing high up and down. And I noticed that there wasn't anybody at the bball court.

I was terrified. Next, Eugene & Daphnne saw it too. They were shocked. No one in the car dared to speak a word.

When we were near the bball court...

All of a sudden, the ball bounced all way towards our direction. And it bounced on Daphnne's window.

I was crying in the car, grabbing my mouth to prevent myself from screaming.

Eugene: "Pretend we see nothing. Nothing happened, nothing happened."

(I could feel my whole body shivering, despite the strong air con in my room)

Next, we drove to a place, a big area of land.

On the big area of land, there were many people. Plenty of spotlights were shone on the area of land.

I wasn't sure whether were they people or "People".

Next, I found myself on the big area of land. Only myself.

To my surprise, I saw an old lady. She was crazy. Upon seeing me, she chased me like a ghost, as if she was being possessed by some evil spirits. There were many other people, but they looked ghostly, with their face as white as a sheet of paper.

I kept running, hoping to find anywhere I could run away from that evil place, but to no avail.

I saw Eugene & Daphnne. They were knocking on something. It seemed that the plot of evil land have been bounded by invisible walls, not allowing them to come in.

They looked horrified, they kept on knocking and knocking, hoping that they could save me.

I ran towards them. I tried knocking the invisible wall, hoping that it would break its spell and let me out.

When I turned around, plenty of people turned into scary zombies. Their face were totally distorted, and I could hear their joints cracking almost every part of their body.

I knocked even harder, until my hands were full of bruises and blood clots could be seen, but it didn't work. I was screaming badly, cold sweat trickled down my face and I found myself wailing. I cried dreadfully and desperately.

As the zombies were getting nearer and nearer to me...

(I woke up. It was time to go to the supermarket with my mom. I was perspiring. Couldn't imagine if my mom did not wake me up...)

P/S: Was the nightmare trying to tell me something? I don't know.

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