Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Met Vugene (Eugene) & Vay Voon (Daphnne A.K.A Lay Koon) for lunch today.

We had a conference talk over the phone to discuss where we were going for lunch. The chat was very funny. Imagine me just waking up not long ago, we were all talking in indian slang.

Took a bathe, and cabbed down to Kembangan to meet folks. Waited for a while at Raimah Restaurant, I decided to walk all the way to Daphnne's house.

The weather was freaking hot!

Went to have lunch at Lavender for Tom Yam Soup. Daphnne recommended the place because the food there is nice.

Went to Eugene's mother's office to pick her up and go for lunch together.

Feel totally and awfully uneasy. Don't know why. Very paiseh .

The food is AWESOME and appetizing. I love the Tom Yam Soup very much.

After eating lunch, Eugene sent his Mom back to her office and we decided to have a car wash.

AND we decided to go ICE CREAM CHEFS for Ice Cream!

Had strawberries and Hershey's & Chocolate Ice Cream with Brownies as a Mix-In. Should have taken a picture to show you guys how nice and drooling it looks. However, SINFUL.

Chill for a while at ICC, then we went to Eunos MRT to wait for the 2 punks, Albert & Jason Ho.

Off we go to Ubi Driving Centre! Jason wanted to enrol for the driving course. Imagine seeing a joker driving on the road, sounds funny.

After that, we went to Parkway Parade as I wanted to go PRINTS to see some stuffs. Wanted to have a DIY card for someone special but I find the designs limited.

Went to Juzz 1 to buy some accessories for my love, MacPro. It's time to "groom" my MacPro with protection! Bought a Slick Film for my trackpad and a keyboard protector for him.

Gotta save moolahs for my laptop screen protector, and many more!

Saw the iPod speaker which I have always wanted to buy.

iLuv - i199WHT

Comes with 2 colors - Black & White

The reason why I wanted this so much was because I hope with this speaker, I can switch on the music while I sleep so that my room would not feel so quiet, and what's more, it comes with an alarm clock.

Honestly, I've always wanted a music speaker to be in my room. However, my parents were not willing to spend so much on a speaker just for me.

This speakers is extremely user friendly. There are 3 ways you can listen music.

First, is to plug your iPod into the speaker and it will play music from your iPod.

Second, is by inserting CD into your speaker and it will play it from ur CD.

Last but not least, is through Bluetooth. It acts as a music transmitter/receiver.

If you are sick of playing music in your own iPod, you can tune in to the different radio stations!

What's more, it comes with a remote controller!

My uncles have all bought it. However, one of my uncle bought it for $379. And I found out a cheaper price, which only costs $328. Next, another uncle bought it as well. Makes me so tempted to buy it!

P/S: I finally realised something. At times, I find that a person should not put ego and pride as top priority. As for today and last friday, we all acted as nothing happened. It's just that we were not as close as before. If I hadn't taken my ego and pride so seriously, I guess the conflicts in the past would not have happened. Anyway, I'm happy and contented.

Anyway, thanks. These coming years, I learnt a lot. Really a lot.

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