Saturday, August 2, 2008


Went jogging yesterday with Daphnne & her brother, Yvonne, Jasmine, Albert, Jing Hao, Xun, Ash, Ka Hng.

EUGENE CHONG missed jogging with us for 2 times!

Before that, went to Daphnne's house to use my laptop while waiting for the other folks to come. Played with KING for a little while.

Isn't he cute? I swore I'm going to change back to my Sony Ericsson phone. The NOKIA phone I'm using right now, the camera claimed to be 3.2pixels, but it doesn't look to be one! The pictures I took, and I uploaded into my laptop, it turned out to be a little blurer.

Anyway, KING barked at me. I was puzzled. And I realised that he wants me to play with him. Haha.

Went jogging, can feel my pace seemed to be faster than before. However, was panting quite fast because we have not been jogging for 2 weeks!

Reached the ending point. Do some exercises at the playground. And I think I over-exert myself.

Ended up getting cramps for my whole body.

Woke up in the morning. Found myself aching everywhere.

I couldn't even lift my left arms at all.

Took a cab back home with Ash & Xun.


Rating: 3/5

Movie not as funny as I think it would be.

The mother in the movie reminds me of the grandmother who is currently staying in my house. And that's the reason why for my teardrops. She's got the same fate as my grandmother.

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