Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hoard - Accessories. Apparel. Design


HOARD, the unique shop which made only one of a kind designer jewelry. Be it handmade, Handcraft or embroidery, HOARD showcases dainty and exquisite accessories. Using the finest tools and materials, Jeremy, the ingenious and talented Creative Design of HOARD miraculously produces delicate and luxurious accessories with great effort.

He believes that every piece of accessory, garment, and trinket tells a story. Every piece of accessory relays your emotional mood and personality.

HOARD exhibits all sorts of jewelry ranging from Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Bags, Bag Charms to even toys.

In addition, HOARD also displays great international designer creations under the exclusive series catalogue basically from U.S.A and United Kingdom etc.

Still not convinced by what I said?

Let the pictures do the work.

Clarity - Using clear multi-faceted Swarovski teardrop and crystal bits.

Crimson - Perfect match for a casual oufit.

Eleanor White - Simplicity is elegance. Very sad to say, I bought it earlier on and after wearing it for a few times, the rose bud came off unaware and I'm absolutely upset.

Red Sun - Vintage bronze filigree settings with encased flatback faceted glass stone, connected with bronze leaves set with rhinestones.

Elendra - combination of charms faux pearls and a cabocon setting, encased with faux aquamarine faceted stone. Victorian Style. I love this earring the most.

Fraulein - Absolutely extravagant. Swarovski encased connectors linked a trapezius, with a hanging flower in between and a dripping bit of rhinestone. Abundant number of Swarovski crystals attached to it, this is definitely perfect for a prom night or wedding dinner. Flaunt it!

Pea Pod - The name tells it all. A little of a twist between the rock & adorable style. Painfully strung together, ornamental gold leaves and quartz beads on dangling gold chains.

* Tribal Black/White - Classic yet elegant. Jeremy gave me this as a free complimentary sale item.

Paraphernalia - Mysterious, mystical and phenomenal.

Neo, Son of Leo - Dangling string loop on the top of the head, which you can use to hang on as a bag charm or key chain. Too bad I couldn't find his father, Leo as he was being adopted by others.

Sweet & Chic

Vintage & Victorian

Classy & Elegant

Still not convinced by what I said? Let the pictures do the work.

Let’s see how much these ravishing earrings sparkle in front of you can keep you captivated.


Red Sun

Tribal Black/White



Aren’t they dazzling and striking to your eyes yet mesmerising? Don’t they seem to be crying out to you? Never underestimate what those little crystals can do. Jeremy never slackens when it comes to choosing the right materials for his jewelries. Most of the crystals and beads you see are from Swarovski.

Besides having good quality, packaging is also equally important. Each accessory is being meticulously wrapped with a tracing paper to avoid friction against each other and placed neatly into a gift box or a little sexy red goodie bag.

Last but not least, Jeremy’s great personality, pleasant disposition, great hospitality towards customers really made me want to buy even more of his creations and patronize him!

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