Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today, we had cultural lessons. I must say for we always have the best attendence for cultural lessons.

Faci Eugenia decided to do PBL in a different way. After UT, we played games. We were divided into 2 teams. My team consist of 11 people while the other team 10.

We were supposed to listen to the commands made by Faci Eugenia.

For example, she would say, "Ok. Arrange yourself from the smallest to the biggest in birthdates!"

But before that, we would need to make a cheer. The cheer was to let Faci Eugenia know that our team is done and we would see which team does it faster and accurately.

Our cheer was "Oohh-Laa!" while the other team was "S.E.X!"

Initially, we're on the winning side. However, the other team won eventually.

After meeting 1, went out for break.

Before that, all of us were supposed to shift all the chairs and table to the extreme sides. Then, we started using masking tape to tape the floor. Just like this :

After taping up the floor with all the triangles sign, it was time for breakout 1. Went to have breakfast with my lovely car gang + Jasmine.

Met up with Daphnne & Ash first because we study at the same block. We're called the E3-ians. They saw me perspiring. Daphnne thought my classroom's aircon was spoilt. Haha. That was adorable.

Eat, talk, laugh - That's what we always do. I don't know why, I feel the warmth. It's been a long time since I felt this way. 5 years of friendship. Full of ups and downs. Yet, all back to square one. Could be the doings of God. I don't know.

After breakout 1, went back to class.

We continue to play this game, "Traffic Jam". As you know, we were divided into 2 groups and u see those triangles on the floor? Each of us were supposed to feel in one of the triangle boxes, according to the direction. Then, we are supposed to move one by one and eventually, both teams are ended up in different lines.

Don't understand? Ok look.

See the rows of triangles on both sides? Left & Right?

For example, our team were supposed to fill in all the triangle boxes on the left. The other team on the right. Then, one by one, my team would have to cross over to the right side and vice versa.

However, there are rules to abide. Afterall, it's a game that involves teamwork and strategy.

See the square box in the middle? That will be the only empty space for us to move. We took quite a while to figure it out.

The guy in the middle is M.Y. (Ming Yuan) He was the co-ordinator who tells us when to move and when not to.

All of us crack-ed our brains and start to think of strategies.

Finally! We figured it out!

And now, Faci Eugenia wants to test us to see how fast we can complete the game. Which means how fast can both teams swop places.

See the word on the screen? "Class Timer" Initially, it was 1min59seconds.

Then, we took exactly 1min to complete it. All of us cheered and scream! Next, was to complete the game in 40seconds.


We did it! WE MADE IT IN 40SECONDS! Too bad I wasn't able to capture the happiest moment because I was one of them who cheered the loudest!

After the game, everyone was exhausted and we sat down for a rest. Faci Eugenia noted down some of the words we said during the game. And we laughed because we did not realised that we actually said certain words.


After playing "Traffic Jam", it was time for Breakout 2. Took the break time to play DOTA. A big thank-you to Jasper & Bing Zhong. They were the one who taught me how to use Hotkeys and stuffs.

Actually, before that Zhi Yang & Co. did teach me before. But they were so engrossed in the game that I could not learn so much from them.
I had a little basic foundation of DOTA lah, actually. Haha.

SEE THIS?! I'm so proud! Haha.

P/S: Anyway, Rossy took some videos of us playing "Traffic Jam". Look through it and I kept laughing. There was a part where I scolded Naq, "Shut up LAH! I don't wanna face you!" And my classmates kept laughing. Haha. But it was meant to be a joke, though.

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