Sunday, August 17, 2008

Class Chalet @ Aranda Country Club


We fought as a team;
We laugh as a team;
And We cry as a team.


Memories of us...

As we go on, we remember all the times we had together...

This cute little baby above are Mel's newborn baby. Her name is Orkid.

This is Faci Eugenia's baby - Abby. She named her daughter Abby because she wanted her to be Happy! She's FREAKING CUTE AND ADORABLE. I've got a video of her playing and giving her BEST and sweetest smile.

The guys swimming!

Ross & Alicia (Our Mama)'s Birthday

Ross caught sleeping and we took pictures of him and us! The last 3 pictures were pictures of us pillow-fighting! And I've got bashed by Superman!

All the group photos of us and such!

The girls in our class!


Our building - which makes E35J.

There are many other pictures, but I'm too lazy to collect all of them. And it takes up a lot of time!

I realised in 16 weeks, our class have taken more than 10videos! Will upload some of the special and unique ones if I have the time!

Good Bye, E35J. I will definitely miss you all.

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