Monday, August 18, 2008

A Friend In Need Is A Friend In Deed




(Wishing You A Very Happy 18th Birthday...)

And thats her!

Group photo of us and her cake

Pictures of Pheobe, Tiar, Ethan (The 3 little kids from U.K) , KING (The Doggy) & I.

Pictures of Daphie, Eugene & I. We bought her an Ipod Nano as her birthday present.

We wanted to buy her a red one instead because I did try sounding her out one day. It was the day when Eugene's mother met us for lunch for Tom Yam Soup. I started asking her about Albert's school and stuffs. Then I heard Albert got an Ipod Nano Black as well. So she mentioned she liked Red.

But unfortunately, Eugene told me that Red was sold out. So we bought her Green instead! Knowing that she likes Green as well.


I wanted to make her a birthday card. And write a letter to her. However, I was not an artistic person. I could not even draw a dog or cat properly.

So I might as well type it here about what I want to say.

Dear Daphie,

This letter may be long, but I hope you finish reading it.

It's been a whole 5 years since we know each other. In other words, we've known each other since young. That was about 13 years old?

During these 5 years, we have been through lots of ups and downs. God put us through many tests to see if our friendship could still go on despite many many tough obstacles.

Many uphappy things happened between us. However, when I was seeping through my darkest and lowest point in my life, you are always there for me. This makes me even more sure, 101% sure that you can be a great friend to me.

When I had disputes with XXX & XXX, you were there, giving me your best advises. That was during Secondary 3. I had mild depression. I cried a lot during that time. And I know you might feel annoyed at that point of time because you didn't like girls to cry too much, you stood by me. You were there for me, all the time.

2 years ago, on your birthday celebration, I remembered that night. I had a dispute over somebody which I think it's not worth having cold war with you. At that point of time, when I went home, I wanted to talk to you about it. You seemed that you did not care. I thought you're on her side. But when I started to think back, you didn't mean not to sms me back. It was because that night was your birthday. Guests at your house needed you as the host.

You tried helping both of us, but ended up you were being pulled into our situation.

But when I realised this, it was all too late.

As a result, we were not on talking terms for ONE YEAR. Just because of a misunderstanding that I think you should not be even involved with. I really regret it a lot. I always asked myself, if time could be reversible, I would choose not to go your house for celebration. And nothing would happened 2 years ago.

We all know how short 1 year could be. Yet, we all know how LONG 1 year could be.

I guess nobody would understand how miserable it is not talking to someone whom I cherished.

I tried apologising to YYY. I even wanted to asked her out for a good talk over what happened to us. Instead, YYY hurled hurtful and resentful remarks on me. That was when I feel that there's no way YYY and I would ever be bosom friends.

But it was different for us. I know you longer and better than YYY. I know you're a more understanding and matured person. What's more, we could even call each other childhood friends.

There are soooo many other factors to why our friendship turned so sour at that point of time. There are many other things which you might not know, and I think you might not wish to know. And it's not convenient to type it out here. But, I really hope you understand why I'm trying so hard, trying so hard to be on good terms with you. I hope you can feel the anxious-ness in me of trying to salvage a friendship which I am sure it will last.

And now you know why I believed so much in God? When it was the day for us to take our O levels result, and if we were in different schools, I guess it would be so much harder to meet you up. Yet, God gave us this chance to be in the same school. I was happy. God gave me this hope that we could be friends again.

Sometimes, my mom would ask me about you, and YYY. I really have no idea of what to say to her. I don't want to tell her that I have already lose you as a good friend. And we're not on talking terms. So I always told her you're fine, you look good in school and stuffs. I would tell her things which other people told me about you. I really don't want her to know what happened between us.

And now, we're back to talking terms. We laugh, we joke. I'm very happy.

Today, when I went to your house. I looked around your house. I looked at KING. I looked at your father while he was washing his car. I told myself, "2 years ago, I came here. 2 years later, I'm here again. But I will not let ANYONE or ANYTHING to thwart the friendship between us once again."

I had phobia of coming to your house. I'm scared bad things would happen again. I'm afraid to face your family members. I feel so ashamed. I don't know why, I feel I'm a bad girl in your family's eyes.

Yet, after today, I'm so glad everything worked out well and fine.

Jason & I were also on talking terms.

Clifford & I were also on talking terms.

Ka Hng & I were also on talking terms.

Most of all, Eugene & I were also back to talking terms. And we were now closer than before.

I do not need to be close to them, because I'm contented that we can talk, we can joke, we can laugh, we can play.

I'm sorry if I'm not a good friend these years. You may not treat me as a good friend of urs, but I wish to tell you something. Whenever you need help, or you feel down and you needed someone to talk, when you feel happy and you wanted to share your joy with, remember that there's a friend named Eunice Ng right here who will be willing to share all kinds of memories with you, be it sad, happy, bitter or sweet.

I might miss a lot of happy memories with you guys, but I hope, from now on, I can be part of your happy memories.

Once again, happy birthday, good friend.

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