Saturday, August 16, 2008

Selected For Nike Ruman Race Volunteer

Today, I went for a briefing as a Volunteer for the upcoming Nike Human Race 10K on 31 August 2008.

Initially, I thought I was all alone and was feeling moody. However, I found a companion! He is Naq! So coincidentially, Naq was selected as a Volunteer as well, and we are even in the same area position!

So we had to go ALL the way down to Singapore Poly for briefing. There were many other people from other polys as well.

We were told what to do, where and what time to report.

In order to make this Nike event a successful one, Nike has approached Enterprise Sports Group (ESG) to organise this event.
25 cities around the world including Singapore, will be running together on 31 August 2008.
Live concerts will be staged at every nike race and will broadcasted live online through our official media, Medicorp.
People like Hip-Hop MC Vandal and Boys Like Girls will be coming to Singapore to perform at the concert at the end of the race!


The 11,000 contestants will be running from Esplanade Drive (Starting Point) to St Andrew Road, Padang (Ending Point).

Time: 4.15pm to 9.30pm

At certain checkpoints, we will be providing them the best care by giving them isotonic drinks, water, fruits & cereals. First Aid will also be on standby.
On that day, St Andrew Road will be closed for at least 2 lanes to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Well, so the MC for the briefing kept repeating, "This is a big event. And you all must be proud because we will be making a big history. And you're part of it. Mediacorp will be there so look the best!"

We are ENCOURAGED to wear anything that has got to do with Nike because we have to act as Nike embassadors. (Nike Shorts, Nike Shoes, Nike Wrist Band etc.)


AND an allowance of $15!

Everyone clapped!


After the briefing, went home and waited for my parents. We went to Parkway because Shaun needed to get a new pair of spectacles.

And we had dinner @ Crystal Jade Restaurant. The food was good. I took the picture above! Isn't it nice?! Haha.

Went to Juzz 1 to buy screen protector for my iPod. I'm a regular customer of this shop and most of the staffs recognise me already as I would always go to that shop to browse through whenever I'm free. I never get bored looking at stuffs from their shop!

Got home and sort out all the pictures I got from my class chalet. Pictures will be up soon!

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