Wednesday, August 27, 2008

18th Birthday (Part 1)

First Night - My Brothers

Cheng Yong, Beng Hon, Zhi Yang, Feng Yao, Garie, Wei Kai, Desmond & Bread.

9 of us were at the chalet.

Though it's just 9 of us, the atmosphere was almost the atmosphere of 20 people around.

Zhi Yang: " Do you want 20 of XXX or just the 9 of us?" (XXX is a person all of us detest. His/her identity shall not be disclosed.)

All of us: "Of cause 9 of us lahh!"

Cheng Yong, Beng Hon & Desmond did something REAL SILLY and something they should not, totally should not be doing. Shadn't elaborated.

Zhi Yang & I were totally annoyed. *rolls eyes*

Total big change. We used to be so into hard liquor. And now they wanted something more refreshing, and less troublesome. Chilled beer. Perfect for a preppy and cranky night.

I'd never thought Zhi Yang could do something so cute. So I took it down.

Des & Yong
(The rest were not taken. Too lazy for a snapshot.)

Brought my laptop along.

The guys kept playing DOTA!

Later in the night, we were bored so we decided to play something.

We off the lights, closed the curtains, and switch off the TV.

Everyone MUST sit on the bed. All of us sat in circle.

We must push each other (Only using body, and no using of legs), and the one who got pushed out of the bed gets all the punching and beating.

I swore it was fucking funny!

Next, we played "Mute".

All of us must sit on the bed, and NOT talk. You know, we all love to talk and yak. So now not talking is like a mental torture for us!

We are not allowed to make any sound. Who makes the first sound gets whacking and beating as well.

We did lots of sabotage, etc.

I was being whacked as well.

It was totally hilarious seeing people being whacked man!

We were perspiring when we played those games!

When it was Morning, all of them wanted to sleep.

Garie & I were not reluctant to let them sleep.

So we all lie on the bed, and I started saying PLENTY of lame jokes.

We chat a lot, bitch a lot on the way and stuffs.

There was a joke Yang told me, and I think it's fucking funny.

Yang: Bob, the builder wanted to retire. So what is he now? (The joke is something like that.. couldn't really remember it fully)

Me: (Thinking...)

Yang: BOB LAH!

Me: Oh ya hor! Hahaha!

(I was thinking of the builder thing, you see!)

And one more! Garie burst into laughter upon hearing this.

Me: What does Chicken A says to Chicken B?

All of them: .....

Me: Pok Pok Keh!

All : Hahaha! *couldn't be bothered*

Only Garie kept laughing.

Anyway it was really fun lah, so long never meet up with them. Really a lot of lame things they said but it was really funny. You know, they speak a lot of Hokkien, chinese etc. Really funny. When one laughs, everybody laughs.

I'm so impressed with Feng Yao! He composed a few songs which I think it was really cool. Was too lazy to read it all out because it was all in chinese. So he sang for me to hear. And I find it not bad you know!

There was a song about his fear for dogs. And it sounded out to be really nice and cute!

Slowly, slowly, everyone started feeling really tired and we all slept. Garie, the only survivor was awake throughout the morning! He was watching TV! I could feel it because he was just lying beside me.

That was the only moment when the whole room was in total silence.

I want to meet them soon!

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