Thursday, July 24, 2008

Went to Kallang Leisure Park to play bowling. It's my first time to play bowling and I've striked twice! Actually, bowling is not as difficult as I think it is.

Before that, we ate at Subway. My choice tasted horrible and my mood was totally down. For your information, I am very very sensitive when it comes to food tasting. Eating makes me feel happy. So if I eat something which tasted horrible or almost inedible, I would feel very grumpy and upset. Jiashi knows this very well. Haha!

Her birthday's coming! And I die die want to get her a presentable present! But I'm almost going to declare a bankrupt. Last year for my birthday, she and a few friends bought me a good sennheiser earpiece which I desired, so this year I make sure I get her things she always wanted to have! Furthermore, she's one of my very good friends.

BTW, she's at our school every wednesday and friday for competition! I longed to visit her! However, her match starts only at 7.30pm! By the time, Eugene have long ago fetched me home.

Rating: 3.75/5
Nice movie to catch! I must say The Joker really acted very well in the movie! Lot's of action scenes, bombing scenes, fighting scenes. However, the movie is a little draggy (Very draggy during the beginning) and it's quite boring at certain parts of the movie that I almost fell asleep.

The whole cinema theatre is so empty that all of us (car gang) could stretch our legs on the chair infront of us! It's as if the whole theatre is ours!

However, before watching the movie, please remember to pee! Because the movie is 153minutes (2 hrs 33min) long!

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