Thursday, July 24, 2008

I was browsing through all my pictures and I find this picture of the most valuable picture of all.

It was signed by a beautiful lady. Not just a beatiful lady, but a lady full of talent, intelligence and wisdom.

She is Eunice Olsen, my sister.

JOKING! Basically because she holds the same name as I!

That's stupid.

She's not only a TV personality, but also a nominated Member of Parliament.

She was actually visiting my school (Manjusri Secondary School) with a few of other people. All of us knew she would be coming on a friday, which was a CCA day.

As I was in the Chinese Calligraphy Club (I'm not a really active member, though), our club was told to put up some tables in the open area to showcase some of our great pieces done by students from our club.

I managed to see only her back, but I find her back really sexy!

Her calligraphy was considered good as an amateur!

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