Thursday, July 3, 2008

Was talking to Nelson on MSN, and stated that how much I've missed him,.. and the CKTs. Don't get it wrong.

Wanted to call them out to chill, however, I suggested that we meet during the holidays.
What's more happy was that Kai & Nel are friends again! They've decided to put aside their personal differences and be friends again. On top of that, Mian Bao was recruited as a member of the CKTs.
This means I shall be meeting the WHOLE of CKTs! And hopefully spent another moocake festival celebration with them. FYI, last year we celebrated at Joo Seng and it was so fun, yet sweet. (((((:

Eunice. CKTs

P/S: Edited the picture with some texture, but too bad it doesn't look that obvious in my blog.

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