Saturday, July 5, 2008

Went for jogging last night with Eugene Chong, Daphnne, Ka Hng, Albert, Ash, Xun, Eugene Cher, TKD, and an unexpected person, which is YVONNE!

She is NOT a sport lover and she hates getting herself all sweaty. Or rather, should I say, she's not motivated by people around her to do sports!

Well, yesterday she joined us for jogging. Eugene was in charge of Yvonne and & I.

Eugene and I made an agreement. That was to lose 5 kgs in one month. As for Yvonne, she promised to lose 3kgs.

Our rule: No eating after 8pm, have a balanced diet, meaning 3 meals per day as per normal, decrease the intake of fried food.

Daphnne stated that this diet would be a healthy diet. (Knowing that I went through months of anorexic diet before)

We made a deal.

Every Tuesdays, we will be playing badminton.
Every Thursdays, we will be playing tennis or squash.
Every Fridays, we will be jogging.

And I'm definitely steady for it. As I've said, as long as someone is willing to sports with me, I'm more than happy to go for it.

If this schedule goes on as per normal, losing 10kgs per month is no big deal.

Eugene, make sure we do this every week! I've got determination!

Ash lost his wallet last night while jogging. He cried not because of the things in his wallet, it was a picture of him with his dog (His dog was taken back to the owner already) in his phone. That only picture with his dog. After hearing that, I feel very sad. I don't know to do as well. I've never seen Ash so sad before. In front of us, he's always joking, crapping around. Hais. Hope all well that ends well.


Just to comment, I love yesterday's lesson! I was teaming up with Naq, Jun Wei, Bing Zhong & Hazwan. We went to the Library for more research. And I feel that I talked so much lesser and find that my concentration level was much higher. However, had fun in the Library with the Cranky Naq who kept on shouting in the Library, who catch so much attention.

Was late for RJ submission. However, Faci May accepted my RJ!

After school, Eugene & Co. were all waiting for me at South Agora. I'm sorry for making you guys wait! So they decided to webcam with me, while I was 6P-ing. It was really funny lahh! Daphnne was very very cute in the webcam, making lots of funny faces!

Yesterday while taking the bus home with Eugene & Co, a china man was sitting beside me. After playing PSP for quite a while, I decided to take a nap. When I opened my eyes, I saw a guy who looked so much like CHRISTIANO RONALDO. I was shocked to death.

I blinked my eyes again to make sure if it was him. For the first time, I thought I was on a bus in Portugal. His side view looked so much like C.R! Even his hair looked like him.

To make sure, I looked at him directly for many times, and I noticed that his eyes are so charming! Then, he was watching videos on his iPod if I'm not wrong, he kept glancing at me, wondering why I kept looking at him.

I swore I was the happiest woman in the bus!

How I wish I could stay longer on the bus! AWWWW.

Tell you guys something, I feel that this week was quite a good week. I've seen quite a number of hot and handsome guys everywhere! Then, I was telling this happy thing to Naq & Hazwan. They both gave me a couldn't be bothered look! Damm.

This week, I've seen 4 handsome guys! I'm smiling gleefully right now. HeeHee.

I'm almost drooling until Eugene offered to use his hands as a bowl for my silava to drop down.

P/S: Grandma's in hospital again. Sigh**

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