Thursday, July 3, 2008

I almost cried in the bus today.

I thought I would be late for my test today. Board the bus only at 7.45am today.

This is the first time I ever cried for a test. Merely a small test. However, it was testing on my favourite module, which is Enterprise Lesson.

The night before, I was still revising with Faci May.

And I was thinking if I had missed today's test, all my efforts would go down the drain.

Then, I start to realise, I have depended too much on Eugene, and his car.

When I reached the class, both my hands were shivering terribly.

Luckily saw Shandy along, and took a cab together with her! THANKS MAMA!

P/S: Now, I know, I can't live without Eugene! Ok, I know this sounds so wrong, but you will not be able to understand how nervous and anxious I was today.

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