Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Had computing lessons today.

Wan, Clovey, Zhen Wei & I were in a team.

Had quite a fun day. Wan was being very nice today, very happy that he had no mood swings at all.

He did something which shocked my life.

And that was to play the lamest game on earth, Street Fighter.

However, he do have his charming part - to play the guitar.

Well, there are other guys in my class who also knows how to play the guitar. And they are Sykes & Rossy.

Sykes would always bring his guitar every now and then. And I got to learn some of the notes from him!

This is Shakur.Sykes

This is Ross. Very Very Very nice guy. Trust me.

These 2 little punks playing wrestling. But they looked so wrong.

P/S: I really enjoy these days. Ross was very good in playing the guitar. I remembered we played the song "Hotel Califonia" on the Sound Projector and we all sing along while Ross played the guitar. That moment was unforgettable.

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