Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Condolences

On Thursday, my mother's childhood friend, Aunt SorLian, committed suicide.

She lived in a condominium around Bishan. Around noon time, she went to a HDB flat around her condo and jumped off the building.

She had a wonderful family. Her husbank works in a bank and is earning good income every month. Her two sons, are gifted children and they both study at Raffles Institution. She, herself had a wondeful job and is earning good income too. However, things started to change after her son went for United States for further studies.

2 years ago, her son went to US for further studies. One day, her husband came home and told her this.

Husband: I want to be separated from you. After 3 years, we will get a divorce.

Deceased: What? Why?

Husband: I had an affair with a woman outside, and it's been on for the past 10 years.

And so, the husband left home for 2 whole years, leaving Aunt SorLian all alone at home. (Note that the 2 sons are in overseas.)

One day, Aunt Alice, my Mom and Aunt Sorlian and the rest of the old classmates had a gathering. She did hinted that she was very lonely. However, no one bothered to probe even more.

Because of her pride and ego, she chose not to tell anyone about her situation and kept it all in her heart.

As days went by, she suffered from depression and things got worst.

Before she died, she left a note for Aunt Alice.

Aunt Alice called my Mom and told her what Aunt SorLian had written in the letter.

In fact, Aunt SorLian had been suffering for the past 2 years, and constantly paying the debt of her husband.

As her husband had an affair with a girl outside, the girl was a total scattergood (spendthrift) who uses Aunt SorLian's husband to buy many branded goods. Ended up, Aunt SorLian's husband had a debt of $200,000+.

All these while, Aunt SorLian was the one helping him clear the debt, hoping that the husband would come back to him after helping him so much, but to no avail.

Aunt SorLian doesn't deserve such an ending. She should live on and prove to her husband that without him, she can also survive on! Why want to have an affair with another girl when you're married? Since you want to live the life of a Casanova, then why get married in the first place?

By the way, Aunt SorLian and her husband were married through matchmaking. Even though it's matchmaking, as the guy, he can have the choice to reject the marriage right? Why be together when both don't love each other? He suck.

P/S: Aunt SorLian, may you rest in peace.

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