Friday, July 25, 2008

Best Solo Presentation Ever

Today, 17 people for Enterprise Lesson.

Faci May was very relaxed today. She wrote a few items on the board.

1. Form your own team

2. Propose your own RJ (Each team propose one)

3. Upload worksheet by 11.40am

I asked Faci May if I could have a solo team, meaning that I work individually instead of teaming up with other classmates. She said, "It's up to you!"

She even mentioned that out of the 4 groups we have today, only 1 group will be doing the problem statement and the oher 3 teams can do whichever they want.

Therefore, Jasper's team chose to do the problem statement.

As for Alicia's team, Ming Yuan's team, and I can choose to do something freely

Faci May told us to do a presentation on who we admire and why we admire the idol. We are supposed to add in our idol's biography etc.

However, we are not supposed to present about celebrities, movies, authors etc. The person we present have to be someone like Lim Bo Seng, Mao ZeDong, or Bill Gates etc.

Therefore, I decided to do a presentation on Hong Kong's richest man, Li Ka-Shing.

I was very nervous when I was presenting. This was because it was the first time I did a solo presentation. I was shivering when I was talking!

I did cry a little after presenting. This was because the story of Li Ka-Shing did resemble the life of my god-grandfather. My father told me the story of my god-grandfather. When he was young, he was like Li Ka-Shing, a very poor man. However, through hardwork and diligence, my ggf set up a logistic company which became one of the most well-known companies in Singapore. However, he was not arrogant and proud at all. He did not go round telling people how rich he is and did not flaunt his riches through material items. He donated a lot of money, help the needy etc.

There are really many reasons why I idolise him. I shadn't eleborate further. However, I swore to god, if I am as rich as him in future or rather if I am well to do in future, I would definitely follow in his footsteps. I learnt one good word from him today. That is "Humble".

I also once swore if I got rich, I will help Cambodia.

At the end of the presentation, Faci May commented, "Very good. I only have one word to say, Excellent. Do you notice something? Everyone was so quiet and listening to you present?"
Yes! I made it! I made everyone so interested in my presentation. This is my greatest achievement! It's very true. This is the first time I see EVERYONE in my class, E35J keeping so quiet! Normally, I can see people typing in their laptop, whispering to other team mates etc.

I was not acting to me smart by trying to have a solo presentation. This is because I want to challenge myself. I want to see if I can present even better alone than to present in a team.

I handle all the slides myself, I organise them myself, I took a lot of my precious time doing ENDLESS researchs. Therefore, you can see LOADS of websites from my Resources Page.

In all..


P/S: Today is my happiest day. Thank you, Faci May. Without you, I would never find out that I could do such a great job.

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