Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Went jogging with Daphnne, Ash, Yvonne, Albert & Xun.

Daphnne's cousins, Ethan, Phoebe & Tiar (I supposed it's spelt correctly?) decided to go for night cycling.

Let me tell you, Ethan is EXTREMELY CUTE! Really feel like hugging him tightly! They're from UK, and they're back in Singapore for vacation. If I had a chance to take a picture of him, I'll definitely post it right here!

Phoebe & Tiar, these 2 girls are also very adorable. And I told Phoebe that Ash is a CROOK. And I guessed she believes what I said. Haha!

Not to forget - KING! He's 4 years old. And it was 2 years since I last saw him. AND I seriously miss him! When I first saw him, I wanted to cry. However, I hold back my tears. He makes me remember of alot of happy yet sad memories. BAHH.

After jogging, went back to Daphnne's house for Yam Rice. Slacked a little while before going home.

Reached home, took a bathe. Washed my jersey because I needed to wear again the next day for badminton!

Went to Orchard with the car cliques. Eugene wanted to buy flip flops so we went to NUM! Eugene bought one for himself, one for his sister, and one more for Tina as her b'dae present. As for my slipper, it's a limited edition of World Cup 2006 (That's what that persley-look-alike guy claimed to say) so I chose England! And for every 3 pairs bought, this limited edition flip flops costs only 10bucks! WOOHOO! Usual Price: $49.90

P/S: I feel blessed. What's yours will be yours. I will cherish, treasure, and value whatever I have right now.

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