Wednesday, July 16, 2008

After school, Eugene, Daphnne, Albert & I went to Chinese Swimming Club to play badminton.

Only members of CSC are allowed to use their facilities. Thank god, Eugene & family are members of CSC. As how we could get in, I shad'nt elaborate further!

Before heading there, Eugene dropped Daphnne & me at Daphnne's house. Eugene needed to bring his car back home before heading to the workshop to collect his mother's car.

Did my RJ and submitted on time. Had a little chat with the 2 little girls, Tiar & Pheobe. Saw Ethan and waved to him. Aiyo, he's really really very cute.

Eugene came back with his mother's BMW and went to fetch Albert Leow.

And off we head to Chinese Swimming Club!

At CSC, you can find PLENTY of facilities. There are tennis courts, swimming pools, squash courts, badminton courts, bowling alleys, gyms, restaurants etc. Well, these are the facilities I can remember of.

Had no idea how Albert managed to use Daphnne's badminton racket until the racket was split into 2 parts.

Had a good sweat out and took a bathe. It was DAMM SHIOK. I must say I liked the toilet the MOST. Very clean, neat, and classy.

After our game, went to East Coast to have dinner at Carl's Junior! Had Portobello Mushroom Burger.

After eating, sat down there to chill and chit-chat. Talked about how shamless girls could be nowadays. Anyway, come to think of it makes my blood boil.

Another point to note. Now I understand how guys feels when their girlfriends accused them of being unfaithful. Before saying your boyfriend is unfaithful and flirty with other girls, Girls, ask yourself, are you tooooo close with other guy friends as well?

Well, we were talking about all these and other stuffs.

Albert is having his exams real soon and I need to find some Chemistry notes for him. I regretted throwing away my Chem textbook! Because in there, I have PLENTY of notes written down by my previous tuition teacher which I think it will be very very useful to Berto.

Got to go and find those notes!

Till then..

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