Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rating: 2/5

I decided to give this movie a fail. This movie is the worst movie I've ever seen. No storyline, totally boring except for the frightening scenes which lighted up the whole movie. Frightening scenes, thank you ah.

If you guys have no idea, I'm considered quite a timid person, as in I get frightened by any slightest shock. AND Eugene Chong Shuo Wen always like to scare me from behind. Well, while both of us were watching to movie, he was also too afraid to scare me. But anyway, I was screaming all the way. So in another way, I frightened him. Haha!

Rating: 4.95/5

Reasons why I decided not to give the remaining 0.05 marks is because I have to make my rating convincing enough. Giving it a full mark would be too fake, I think. People who love dogs, rear dogs at home, or rather detest dogs (After watching this movie, you will start to love dogs, I swear), this is a extremely touching and heartwarming movie.

I guess girls who watched this would be in the theatre weeping away. When the mother was saying about the 10 promises to her daughter, I cried a little bit. Say I'm emotional, yes I am.

When Socks (The goldie) died, I could not tolerate anymore and started weeping loudly. Eugene, Ash and the other couple beside them were looking at me.

Shadn't eleborate more. CATCH IT!

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