Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Had cultural lesson today. Today's problem statement is so general. Let me show you.

Imagine you wake up one morning and cannot remember who you are. What questions would you ask? What would you do?

Faci Eugenia gave us the priviledge to do any form of presenting. My group decided to do a skit, followed by a small presentation slide.

To our surprise, the rest of the teams in my class did the same as my team did.

Clovey will act as the victim, who had a car accident.
Shandy will act as Clovey's mother.
As for me, I will act as Clovey's elder sister, which means Shandy's daughter.
Mel will act as the nurse.
Mira will act as the doctor.

Clovey woke up one day, and found herself lying on the hospital bed.

Mel, the nurse which was just beside her to take a look at her.

All of a sudden, Clovey got agitated and started asking where she is.

After Mel telling her what had happened, Clovey realised that she had lost her memory.

And Blah Blah Blah...

Our skit was totally dramatic.

And the whole class kept laughing. Especially when I said something, "Mom! Stop scolding her already, she's injuried! Just let it go!"

And the whole class laugh, but I don't know why.

Naq's team was one of the interesting ones as well. In fact, this is the first time I feel that all 5 groups (Which means everyone in the class) did equally well.

Ok, you guys won't be able to understand how funny today's lesson was.

In all, we were laughing non stop from 2.30pm all the way to 4.36pm. Faci Eugenia even burst into laughter. As a result, she was tearing for joy!

Dan & I could not tolerate anymore until both of us dropped off our chairs and kneel down and laugh.

E35J are all extremely versatile actors. For this, I swear. Everyone acted so well. Physical movements, facial expressions or the way we speak with different tones, I guessed we could compare with the standards of a professional actor.

In all 11 weeks of PBL, I have done 3 skits.

First, was the skit with Hazwan & Shakur for cultural lesson. It was the best skit ever! Great acting skills, great script (I was in charge of the whole story creation, hehe), great actors (Obviously we are! *Head up high* Haha), and most importantly, message is being sent across to the Faci. Oh, I remember, it was about the norms. However, the skit was more of the entertaining and comedy part.

Second, was the skit with Hazwan (Ok this Silly again) & Danial. However, it was for Enterprise lesson. Great skit again. I really enjoyed a lot LOR! However, Danial was fucking scolded by me for nothing. But I had to do that! It was part of the script. For the first time, I feel great sense of satisfaction. (Finally can get to scold Danial, without having him to talk back at me! Haha!) If I'm not wrong, Wan was the narrator, Danial was the one attending the interview, however with a lot of flaws during interview. I was the person to meet Danial for interview. This skit is more of the serious and educating part.

However, the coolest thing wasn't all this. It was when Hazwan said, "Cut!" Then we explained what Danial had done wrong in the interview, and tell the rest of the class what should he do instead in an interview. For that moment, both Dani & I were being freezed. Which means we could not move. Even if your fingers happened to be in your nose. After explaining, then we continue acting again. Isn't this cool!

As a result, all of us got an A grade for being very meticulous regarding the part where we tell what did Dani had done wrong. Great effort.

Third, was with the all girls team. Which is today, for cultural lesson again. Though short, yet simple and straight forward. This skit is based more on story line.

Really had lots of fun for cultural lesson. In fact, I enjoy cultural and enterprise lesson the most!


After school, went home with Daphnne, Yvonne, Jasmine, Jing Hao & Eugene Cher.

Reached home, did my RJ, revised a little for tomorrow's test.

Was waiting for Faci May to be online in communicator. (Actually I was hoping!)

However, Luck is on my side.

I saw Faci May and started talking to her regarding tomorrow's test.

Revised everything with her. She gave me some questions to do and asked me. Thank god I got it all correct. Guess I was ready for UT tomorrow!

Moreover, I jotted down some important notes she tell me again. She also gave me some key words to identify which formula to use, be it Future Value, Present Value or PMT etc.

In fact, Faci May was extremely sweet enough to mail us few days ago through microsoft outlook about what to anticipate for UT2, and what to look for out, what will be tested.

Yet, I still don't feel confident enough.

In all, I really really appreciate and treasure this Faci a lot. She spent almost 15-20mins revising with me!

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