Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Had fun in class today!

Had computing lessons today. Thanks Alicia for teaching me all the Visual Studio codes! She's really good in programming!

Danial, Alicia, Jenson, Bing Zhong & I were in a team. For the whole of today, Danial & I have been joking, crapping and laughing non stop.

Ok, both of us were really extremely good at laughing, and both of our laughter are equally contagious. So when one of us started laughing, both of us would laugh non stop until one of us decided to stop laughing.

While presentation, Ross added us into communicator and we started chatting, making fun of people, bitching and gossiping about the coolest stuff we could ever talk about. Those who were being added into the communicator almost died of excessive amount of laughing.

Hazwan & Jasper abused me again.

While first meeting, I insisted Wan to accompany me to go canteen, and even pulled his hands along. However, he insisted on staying, and promised me to go only during second break. However, he broke his promise.

Ross showed us a youtube video. All the guys ENCOURAGED me to watch it. And they claimed how fun and scary it was. It was fucking scary! I swore! The first time, I wasn't shocked about it because my two hands were basically covering my whole face, so I didn't manage to see it.

The second time Ross showed it on the projector, I decided to cover half of my face. To my surprise, some ghostly face appeared infront of the video with a loud evil scream!

Natural reaction, I screamed. The guys laughed like mad. Naq and the rest were like, "Eunice chicken lah! Cover your face, chicken lah! "

After screaming, the guys were like, "HAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

All I could remember was Naq laughing so irritably at me for screaming like a fool.


Eugene had a car accident! I really hate taxi drivers. Let me tell you in details.

Eugene wanted to go causeway point to drop Daphnne, Ash & Xun off at the MRT. (They wanted to go queensway to settle the jersey stuffs)

So, Eugene's car came to a halt at the PASSENGER DROP-OFF POINT.

After stopping the car, Daphnne opened the door. However, Ash disturbed her and Daphnne disturbed him back. Just then, a reckless BLIND taxi driver came across Eugene's car. Knowing that Daphnne had already opened the door, the taxi driver insisted on driving past.

While driving past, his car had already scratched Eugene's door. For a normal person who has some LOGICAL sense, he/she should step on the brake. Instead, the taxi driver could not be BOTHERED and drive past through the car, which indirectly DRAGGED Eugene's door car along until the car door was totally dented to its MAXIMUM.

So, after knowing he had knocked onto Eugene's car, that malay taxi driver, came out of the car and started scolding. Thinking we were just some youngsters which he could bully, he kept scolding and pushing the blame to us.

A very cocky guy.

We saw 2 policemen walking around. We decided to call them for help. The taxi driver continue to shout and scold, and IN FACT, he even go round telling other taxi drivers and passers-by that it was our fault etc.

So, Eugene said, "You don't talk to me. You talk to my lawyer. My lawyer is coming down now."

After saying that, that stupid useless idiotic taxi driver then started to talk NICELY to us.

I took out my laptop and started joting down his license plate and the date and time of the incident. We even took pictures of his taxi, his MINOR damages (Which he shouted so much as if his damage was as much as ours). We took pictures of Eugene's car, the damaged parts as well as evidence to the insurance company.

Took down each other's particulars. After that, the stupid taxi driver even continue telling people that it was all our fault. Oh please, get a life man. You're in the wrong!

But anyway, we took pictures of him at the passenger pick up point, which he is at the wrong, obviously. He can't run away from it!

As a result, Eugene's parents came down to look at the situation. After that, Eugene drove his car to the repair shop while Daphnne, Xun, Ash & I went around Woodlands finding for a clinic. I realised how PATHETIC woodlands is. All the clinics were closed!

Instead, Daphnne and the rest went to Queensway to settle the jersey stuffs. Hopefully they could help us have greater deals (So that we would not need to pay 70bucks for the set of jersey)!

I went home. Took home keys from my aunt.

Took some leftovers in the fridge. Heat it up. Eat, Bathe & watch TV.

Talked to Wan on MSN. Crapped a lil while with that silly arse.

Did my RJ. Today's RJ question is the most interesting! Let me show you:

A man started to watch a football match at its 89mins and asked his friend who sat next to him:"What's the score?". "0-0" answered his friend. "Great! that means I have not missed anything!" said the man. Do you agree with him? Relate your answer to your study in RP.

I definitely have a lot to say for my RJ!

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