Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Loads of things to update!

Faci Eugenia noticed something wrong with me these few weeks and tried talking to me, but to no avail. I refused to say anything. However, after looking at her comments yesterday, I felt I had a need to write a letter to her. (Second time we talked to each other) I appreciate for all the thing she did to me. I treated her like my elder sister whereby I could tell her anything that's on my mind.

Faci Eugenia allowed us to choose our own team. So Ross, Dani, Sykes, Wan & I were in a team. Today's topic is about group identity and each group is supposed to create their own logo. And explain the meaning behind their logo.

Our designer, Ross made this symbol. I think our group is the coolest of all! Check our logo out!

Our logo name: .::SHRED::.


Here comes our description of our logo.

What does SHRED means?

S - Shakur Sykes
H - Hazwan
R - Rossy
E - Eunice
D - Dani

SHRED - verb (used with object) : to cut

Our purpose was to cut anything that comes in our way. As how we relate to our problem statement, we cut and shred the problem statement into pieces so we can concentrate and go more in depth.
So now, let me explain to you in DEPTH.

You see this music note? This represents our love for music. For your information, Ross is in STA (School of arts), Hazwan & Shakur are musicians (They are guitarist and always going for jamming), Dani & I both loved all genres of music. Hence, we put this music note as a love for music.

I'm sure all of you know what this represents. This represents PEACE. Which means PEACE within everyone! We love PEACE.

This represents a crown, obviously. This represents hard work. Puzzled? Let me explain. We relate this to a King of a country. To be a king, he needs to be hardworking. Therefore, in a team, hardwork is definitely needed!

This represents two musicians playing the guitar. This represents teamwork! This means two guitarist playing together and cooperating to make a good piece of music.

ISN'T IT COOL?! Yes it is.


I was feeling bored for the day, so I decided to take some pictures of my team mates.

Dani warned me to post pictures of him. However, I had no choice but to post it here! They're all tooooo cute!

Hazwan couldn't be bothered because he claimed he could get some fame for being posted on my blog. He kept on saying he got sexy lips. Look at the 3rd picture. Duhz.

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