Thursday, June 12, 2008

Went out with Eugene, Qiu Yi, Cheryl, Daphnne, Albert, Clifford, Jiashi & Zeus.

Went to vivocity to get my slippers from NUM. FYI, RP students are entitled to a 20% discount off footwears in NUM. Jiashi & I both bought white color.

Walked around vivocity and Eugene got himself a sandals from ZARA.

Jiashi & Zeus went off first.

Went to have dinner at Thai Express.

Thereafter, Eugene drove us to East Coast. Slacked at Starbucks for quite some time. Talked about paranormal stuffs. Albert was freaking me out with his prank. Eugene's ghost stories are freaking creepy. My mind is full of eerie thoughts and I dare not go home! However, we had lots of fun lah. Everyone sitting down, talk and laugh at the same time.

After that, went to fetch Qiu Yi home first before heading on to Loyang Dua Pek Gong Temple to pray.

After praying, Eugene had to fetch his brother to Simei while Albert, Cheryl & I went to cheryl's house playground to slack. Both of them asked me about Chemistry & English. I'm very happy to see them getting worried over their studies. And I think this is the right attitude. Minimal amount of stress now is a motivation to them.

Daphnne asked me if I could coach Albert on Chemistry, I told her I would gladly accept it. I like Chemistry a lot and ever since I started my poly life, I did not even had a chance to flip through my chemistry textbook just to recap what I used to know. Now, I can have a chance to 're-learn' what I used to like learning, I'm very happy!

After that, Eugene & Daphnne came over. We went to fetch Clifford Teo over for supper. Went to Changi to eat Nasi Lemak. Saw a lot of transexuals at Changi and I totally freaked out. I feel so.. unsecured. They seemed like monsters to me and who knows they might bite or kill me?

Honestly, I was very afraid. I don't know why. Just didn't know how to handle them IF they approached us.

After eating, we went to Changi Airport T3. Went to the viewing mall and have a seat. Chatted again, but this time with Clifford around. Talked, laugh. Sent Cheryl back home before heading on to Pasir Ris Park.

Clifford & Albert tried driving for the first time under the guidance of Eugene. I seriously think Eugene can be a driving instructor.

Clifford is the reckless driver and always imagines himself as Jay Chou in Initial D. Not for the faint-hearted. Suitable for F1 racing. He was soo happy that he could move the car and kept dancing and jumping around in his seat. And insisted we take pictures of him driving.

Albert is the slow yet steady driver. Suitable to drive Taxi. Albert founds himself a new skill! Haha.

After that, we back to Clifford's house. His dog, SaSha was a cute one, fat & cute. Just like me. Haha.

Walk his dog for a little while and then we went back home.

Well, had LOADS of fun today and I really wish there will be such gatherings in future.

Ended up reaching home at 5 in the morning.

AND the greatest credit we should give is to EUGENE CHONG.

He was the one who drove us around almost the whole of east side.

Driving us from Harbourfront - East Coast (Starbucks) - Kallang (Qy's house) - Pasir Ris (Cheryl's House) - Kembangan (Fetch his brother) - Simei (Put his brother down) - Pasir Ris (Back to Cheryl's house) - Loyang (Clifford's House) - Changi (Nasi Lemak) - Changi Airport T3 - Pasir Ris (Send Cheryl Home) - Pasir Ris Park (2 punks went driving) - Loyang (Walk Cliff's dog, send him home) - Bedok Reservoir (My Home) - Kembangan (Daphnne's home) - Dunbar Walk (Eugene's final destination, his home)

Did I leave out anything? See the route? So I think he's the hero. He even drove up to 120km/h at a point of time where he needed to rush home because his dog, Fuji kept barking.


Although I do not belong to their cliques anymore, but I hope we can do this often! Just like the relationship between me and the CKTs. Just call me out to slack or have supper, I will be contented enough.

p/s: Monday starting school already! Gotta send my baby (MacPro) to IT help desk to finish the configuration. Pray hard that nothing happens because I'm having test the next day!

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