Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Very Own Salad

I have come up with me very own salad. In fact, I added all my favourite ingredients in. This is one thing good about homemade salad. You can add anything you want.

One fine day, I was feeling very bored and hungry. Instead of calling Mac home delivery (Which I always do), I decided to eat something healthier.

First ingredient:


Prawns! Prawns are my favourite seafood. You can add any seafood to your salad. All seafoods work well with salads!

Last but not least, cheesy sausages! Everyone knows how much I love them. If not, my classmates wouldn't call me SG (Sausage Girl).

Viola! This is my homemade seafood caesar salad! Served with thousand island dressing! 

Not to forget something very important, which is the main ingredient of making salad, lettuce!

So far, the 2 best lettuce I think would make a very good salad are romaine lettuce or butterhead lettuce. You can find romaine lettuce at Cold Storage (Sometimes hard to find at NTUC unless you're lucky). As for butterhead lettuce, it is easier to find them. You can get it at any groceries store in Singapore. 

If you want to give your very own salad more texture, you can add chunks of croutons (made from firm-textured bread) to give it a crunch.

I added that in my salad before, and it is really good. Give it a try!

This is romaine lettuce!


This is butterhead lettuce. 

2 different kinds of vegetables gives you 2 different kinds of texture. However, they give you the best combination you can ever get in a salad!