Saturday, June 21, 2008

Went back to my secondary school for alumni meeting.

Met up with Eugene at Kembangan and drove us to school. Thanks again!

Swore the meeting was SUPER boring. After few hours of struggling, we decided to inform the chairperson that we needed to leave.

Eugene sent me home and waited for Mom to pick Shaun up from his tuition.

Initially, Mom was telling me to book a table at Ban Leong to celebrate her birthday. However, I suggested not eating there and instead, we decided to go one of our favourite haunts, JUMBO Seafood Restaurant!

Everytime I dine there, I have this tinge of warmth in my heart. It reminds me of Mrs Kong, my greatest maths teacher whom dedicated her time in transforming the best NA class but worst in mathematics through the whole cohort into the best NA class and BEST in both A & E mathematics. (We even won the BEST Express class. This is to show that we, NA students, can do even much more than what they called the EXPRESS classes. We were definitely the pride of all the NA classes during that time.)

Back to topic, Mrs Kong's family runs JUMBO restaurant and everytime I go there, I just miss her so much. Love the time where she gave us a treat at JUMBO after O's as a celebration.

Even if I don't know Mrs Kong at all, my family & I would always thought of JUMBO restaurant. We loved the food over there, the windy atmosphere @ East Coast outlet.

Since it was Mom's birthday, I've decided to fork out $100 as a treat to her. However, the bill turned out to be around $150++ (We ordered 7 dishes! And still so cheap!). Well, so in the end, I forked out only $50. The rest, dad will foot the bill.

Anyway, had fun eating out with my family members.

P/S: Eunice is still considering whether to attend 2 events held by Nuffnang & Blog Stars (VIP access). She is allowed to bring one guest along to Blog Stars Event, but who to bring?

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