Friday, June 20, 2008

Since Shandy & Shakur were complaining about my irregular updates in my blog, I shall blog right now.

Shakur even complained to write more about him. Haha, he's one of my cute friends . I must say both of us have huge sense of humour, and we can withstand the worst sarcastic jokes ever. Not only him actually, Danial is also one great laughing companion.

But definitely not Hazwan. He can be quite serious at times, so when you joke, he would just give you that damm look which makes you feel pissed off at times. However, when he gets mad and caught up with some 'laughing gas', *evil grins*, he can be quite wild at times.

Shakur, enough of your introduction, I guess? Haha.

AND this is something I must complain!

We were having enterprise lessons on friday. Jasper & Hazwan were sitting beside me. Both of them thought of something nice to play. They decided to abuse me!

Whenever I disturb them or said something stupid or sarcastic about them, both of them would beat me up. (Okok, Don't get too serious, just hitting my head and arms gently)

And not only once, but many times, until I get irritated. So, I did something good.

I think God is correct in giving us two hands. Since the guys were sitting beside me, I used both my hands to beat them back. It feels good!

Later on, Hazwan brought 2 toys for us to play. He went to Malaysia during the vacation and bought some toys we played when we were young. I don't really know what is that toy called. Let me explain to you. It's like a toy whereby you hit it against any wall, and it sticks onto your wall for a few seconds before sagging down the wall and return to its original shape. I swore it was damm fun.

Ok. This is the door. We were throwing the toy (It was a toy like a tomato)at the transparent glass of other classes. And the other classes were shocked to see something sticky on their glass panel! It was freaking funny. Especially E35M, if I'm not wrong.

So that was the first toy.

The next toy was the same kind of toy, but it was more disgusting. If you slapped it on the table, it looked like a poodle of black ink splashed on the table.

Well, I was frightened by Danial when I intended to walk back into my classroom. I opened the door and Dan was holding that poodle of black ink, intending to splash at me. I jumped back and thought it was some black liquid. It turned out to be another toy Hazwan bought.

And a good laugh for almost 30 mins. Actually, I laughed the most. The whole class were basically looking at me laugh like a fool. I could not stop it! It was very funny.

The WORST has yet to come. As I was playing with the tomato toy too happily, Jasper thought it was time to stop and continue doing preparations for our presentation. He took the toy and slapped it on the ceiling. To our surprise, the toy was stucked on the ceiling! I was hoping it would fall off, but to no avail.

Feeling very uneasy that it was stucked there for more than a minute, I started throwing my COACH wallet into the air, hoping it would hit the toy and drop (I even sarcrifice my precious wallet for that toy! Had no idea what I was doing at that time). But it didn't work.

Hazwan, being the tallest guy in our class, who is 1.89m tall, decided to act like a Superman. He jumped on the table, fly cross the class and managed to grabbed the tomato!

Seconds later....




The tile on the ceiling dropped! All of us laughed non stop! Dan & I even laughed until we decided to give each other a ^5 and we could see tears coming out from our eyes! I should have taken pictures of it dropping! But it came unexpected.

Fortunately, Wan managed to fix the tile back onto the ceiling.

P/S: Wan! You made our day, boy! We Love You! Hahahahahahahaha.

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