Friday, June 6, 2008

Night Cycling + Small BBQ

After the NEWater trip, went back home and had a rest before meeting up with the guys for night cycling.

Shakur was the earliest to reach my house void deck. Followed by Naq. All of us waited for Ming Yuan, Superman & Bing Zhong to come. There were also come disappointing ones. Wan could not make it due to work. Dan could not be reached on the day itself. Shandy had rashes on her body. Norin could not make it as well.

However, we still manage to have some fun. All of us taught Bing Zhong how to cycle.

Had a small BBQ after that.

Next, we went to Macdonald's to slack. Talked about a lot of stuffs. Friends, family, relationships, almost everything.

Naq talked about ghost stories. He had a lot of experience when he was in his kampong in Malaysia. I swore it was freaking scary and all of us were scared to stiff.

Then we went to watch sunrise. Unfortunately, the thick amount of clouds covered the sun. How disappointing. Shakur, Ming Yuan & I were so crazy that we kept laughing non stop at the jokes we cracked. Haha. I can even laugh right now while I type.

I'm too lazy to elaborate! Just take a look at these.

See the sunrise? I applied Rules of Thirds! I think it's a good picture. Haha.

p/s: Jiashi has finally finished her exams! I can't wait to eat good food with her! She is my shopping cum bitching cum dining cum almost everything good mate! Especially food, when it comes to good food, we can never resist it! I think we both pampered each other until everytime we go out, we never dine at hawker centre or food junctions. But I think it's good! Once in a while anyway. Haha.

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